CV databases system often irritates me – also you?

CV databases system often irritate me – also you?

I have to say I am sorry for the person, who actively wants to search for a job – it is an extremely tedious process!

Comoto will offer solutions to reduce this tediousness – making it faster and easier for you to send in the information – but unfortunately we can’t do anything with all the unnecessary questions and requests for information you are being asked to answer or deliver.

As an example – In our region of the world we have a very popular CV database / Job Application system that asks if you have a particular youngster driver license for a moped (required for those between 16 and 18). This question is asked independent of your age or other driver’s licenses. Why not start with the most common option and ONLY if it makes sense then ask the additional questions.

It would also be simple to add some links between your job interests or actual job position – and add some intelligent links between your age and educational level to ensure you get asked the right question and thus having a smooth experience using these CV database / Job Application systems.

But this seems not to be the case – therefore we need to add these data request to Comoto for you to be able to feed / forward / link the data to your favourite CV or resume databases.

This example is just one illustration of the lack of intelligence in the systems but sometimes also the people behind these systems could also be better in their planning and prioritization of data request instead of having a system that must fit everybody – i.e. questions asked for particular industries needs to be answered by all users (or actually not answered).

I look forward to present in details some of our forthcoming solutions in making Comoto the central place for your CV management – as we wants Comoto to be the best CV Builder / Creator and CV Manager for you.

How to find time to create CV and search job? Optimise your job search process.

find time CVHow to find time to handle your job search process to get that perfect new job

Finding time when in job (if not also see here) to search for and get your next job can actually be rather difficult – because when you have decided that it is time to make a change in your job or have decided to test if you can make the next step in your career it is important to plan and consider the rationale behind you decision – things that unfortunately takes time – therefore choose a tool that strengthen your process and optimise your job search process.

At we try not only to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to create a CV but also to be on top of your job searching process. We also believe a successful job searching process should be a positive experience and reduce the time you waste on tedious actions and repetitions again and again.

Usually starting the job searching process would be updating your CV at some of the CV databases you know. I suggest a different approach – take control and learn and improve and make it into a process instead of a onetime action – but that is not supported by any CV database I know of.

  • Start the planning by preparing all your documents and consider the references needed
  • Create a CV on (you can make a quick start by importing your linkedin profile)
  • Find some relevant jobs (could even be some old job offers) – consider which skillset that would be important and think how it would be matched by your experience.
  • Consider the rationale behind you job change wish – how can you illustrate that in your CV – skillset and/or experiences
  • Reevaluate the CV and add or change the wording if needed by pushing the Edit button to build you Base CV
  • Build some additional CV’s changing the wording for you to consider the best version
  • Create some different version of your CV by choosing some of our templates and ask some people knowing you well to comments (a new feature will be added soon to help you here at

Based on the comments received you are ready to target your CV for each job you wants to apply – and hopefully understand this is an ongoing process with changes each time – and supports this and ensure you stay on top.

Are we the only one recommending multiple and targeted CV’s – no – not at all!

For example in Financial Times you can read the following quote from CEO Maggie Berry from

“You need to tailor each CV to the job you’re applying for. I would work my way through the job specification and make sure that each one is reflected in the CV.”

“Most candidates have just the one CV that they fire off to every employer.”

“But please don’t do that. I know some applicants say they tailor their application in the covering letter – but that might not reach the manager.“

Tailored (targeted) CV’s – use a job targeted CV to increase the likelihood of getting the job

targeted cvDo you use the same CV for every application you make – you shold not !

You want to have specialised or as we call it targeted CV for each job you apply for and with our multiple CV’s feature you are able to do that fast and easy.

We have implemented a feature called multiple CV’s.
With this feature you can have as many CV’s as you want and notice you can choose to make them inherit or not inherit from each other (we also call this a clone). When inherited – if you change the “top” CV of a group of inherited CV they all change – smart ! (example – at the drawing above – if the you in the Michael Comoto (Renewables) CV change a date  both the German and the Danish version same date is also changed).

If you want to have another CV version that are not inherited/linked to other CV’s then make a non inherit version (we also call this a copy). It could also be a CV in another language – even smarter!

For each CV you can choose Template (and preview before you choose).

Hereby you only need change what is necessary to have tailormade CV’s for the job application you need just right now – and we have saved you a lot of time and efforts !

Notice your CV versions are all saved in your portfolio of CV’s and you can use them as you like.

Comoto launches Job Search

Comoto launches Job Search

Comoto together with our partner Indeed – which is the #1 job site worldwide –  now offers you the ability to search for interesting Jobs within 50 countries and 26 languages. The jobs are aggregated job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages. To apply for a job please login to use your Comoto CV or consider adding a new one targeted specifically for this vacant position (here). Please follow the Job link for instructions on where to send the application.

* We have added more info than a normal  search would, we have added “Company Info” where you can find more  information regarding this company by doing an automatic Search, and  also finding the specific location of the job by pressing “Map Here”.

A Premium version with added features can be found in our CV manager with jobs especially suited for your skills, education and expertise. You can try the standard version here and login to the premium version here.

The Comoto Team

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your CV and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto CV, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your CV and finally export to your favourite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private). Now you are ready to have full control of your CV. Notice other unique features – like multiple CV’s – a few clicks and you can create a CV targeted for a specific job.

Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Have you ever considered the CV Database risks – if any – from having keyed in your information in a CV database?

At Comoto we put emphasis on privacy and makes it possible for you to decide how you want your privacy settings – and you can change your decision whenever you fell it is appropriate. Hereby we give you the full control of your CV data, now and in the future. Have you ever considered what happens to your data on the numerous CV databases you have used in the past?

  • The usual question is always – are the information updated – properly not.
  • Have you ever considers what impact old data can have on your current job – can you see your boss attitude “not happy here since you are looking for a new job!”
  • Considered how it can reduce your chances of getting a new job? Old and outdated data can also affect a recruiting process if the information you are presenting are different depending of the source. Would a recruiter contact you and ask a question to you or are you just taken out of the process

Therefore – make sure these old data are updated or removed – if you can delete it!

Some CV databases makes it possible for you to maintain some kind of control – For example “We may disclose such information to third parties if you consent to such disclosure” but did you notice that you automatically gave consent when you had to accept standard terms to use the CV database ? or “We may share your information with third parties who help us in the delivery of our own products and services to you”. I recommend you read the privacy comments on the database to make sure you fully understand the consequences.

My final recommendation to reduce your risk is to consider the purpose of each CV database – how will the CV Database use your data? There are many different business models in the CV database jungle and many different ways to exploit your data. Therefore some sound judgment is recommended both when joining and on using these services. You might be better off using a relationship databases like LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo (which don’t have the risks as described) and a CV manager tool like Comoto.