Cyberstalking – a new trend or? (UK tekst)

Cyberstalking a new trend or?

Cyberstalking –  is that a new fitness trend to loose weight, a new Hollywood movie or something you should know and have the proper precautions against !

Maybe cyberstalking sounds interesting and nothing you think of as a factor you should need to consider in your day to day use of computers and the Internet.

First – a definition: Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass. Harass means when the possession of information is sufficient to cause or have caused another reasonable person distress.

I believe most of us have tried to receive a subscription or other stuff we never ordered just because somebody felt it was either a good joke or a necessary annoyance they wanted to put on us – but what if it takes another and much more serious character and really becomes a problem for you. Our authorities and our legal systems seems to be one step behind the people trying to gain something out off cyberstalking. With regards to how to handle both the technology and methods used you should consider how to avoid or limit the threat.

Therefore with regards to your CV you should consider how the behave and how any of your information can be misused

  • First and foremost – never ever show personal identification numbers, bank information and the like – seems obvious but have you never mailed that information? In Denmark we have a personal number combined of our birthday and some other digits and often it is needed to send to someone in an mail. I have made it a habit only to send the first digits and in a call informing the receiver about the other numbers.
  • Should you show your full address – often it is needed and can be found if needed. I don’t think you can avoid it being found but at least make it more difficult and not easily read by a simple scraper or another type of a computer automatized system searching for full information about a person.
  • Should you show your email address – again often it is needed and can be found if needed. I don’t think you should avoid it being found but at least make it more difficult to read automatically. Why not show your email address as a small graphic file or without the @ (type [at] instead).
  • Use the same line of thoughts – should the information be public, limited to a defined group or made password protected or not shown at all (hereby I hope you can see another use of the Comoto multiple CV and multiple profile (protected or not) features.

One of the most often used information to harass you with is when somebody is spreading false accusations or are encouraging others to harass you maybe after having attempted to gather information about you – consider the situation that somebody at work wants the promotion so badly they are digging for dirt about you – not only the drunk picture at Facebook can do you harm (maybe it is funny among your colleagues but the boss thinks differently), a search on the Internet shows different CV stating titles / responsibilities in the past – just consider the examples and take the necessary precautions and for the time proper precautions is all I suggest because it is a question about finding the right balance and neither be too risky or live in a technological solitude.

Carefully consider the CV information you write in your CV! (UK tekst)

Carefully consider the CV information you write in your CV!

Your just updated your CV or profile and made these changes public – but is the CV information you write in there already made public ? – or have you just blown your company’s big secret !

Consider these constructed examples

  • You have just been appointed head of Coca Cola’s new beer division; or
  • You been appointed to the group working on the launch of Apple’s new Windows 7 computer

just imagine which impact that would have if you just just added this new position to your curriculum vitae or profile before it was public information!

Maybe theoretical examples but there are many examples of people putting nonpublic information in their public CV or social network profile. Lately it was one of the top guy’s in HP that made this mistake. But you company might not the amongst the biggest companies in the world. But revealing non public information can harm every company if you make it public.

Latest real life Example:
May 3 2011 – VP of cloud services Scott McClellan updated his LinkedIn profile with different details on HP’s development and strategy in regards to Cloud Services. The Register published it before McClellan was able to pull it back and suddenly the news was out. All people now know that HP is working on a competitive solution to Microsoft Azure Platform, which they agreed to support last year.

Therefore – please not only consider if you want to make your CV public but also consider what you actually write in it!

How can I make the right decision in regards to my privacy! (UK tekst)

How can I make the right decision between having my full information made public, limited access or no access – some of the privacy factors to consider!


Finding the right balance between having detailed information public available on the net or not – taking the benefits and risks into consideration should involve several factors

  • The proper balance depends on your situation / wishes and will change over time and should be flexible and easy to change
    Make it easy to change between being public and not – ensure you can change accessibility or can delete / pause your presence at every CV database or Profile network you use
  • The level of details should also be taken into consideration and be part of your planning
    What is  the purpose – relationship building, personal branding, experience marketing or job searching.  There are different sites and or tools for each purpose – one size does fit it all!
  • The freshness and correctness in the information should be considered carefully – to make it manageable
    Besides relevant for your purpose, remember the more detailed you get, the more difficult it is to update and to ensure consistency in the data – ignoring  this can have a substantial consequence as a serious reader would pick the next candidate,  if the information creates more confusion.
  • The general risk for any harassment’s from public information should be considered thoroughly
    Need to show your full address ?
    Need to show phone (all) numbers ?

Please do have in mind that if your CV information is public it will indexed by search engines and can also be found by any spammer. It would be rather simple not to show your email or obscure it by writing it as name[at]domain[dot]com or to show your name and email as a graphic file instead of text, these  just to mention a few easy steps. Same principles applies for text formats – does it need to be as an editable text– or could it for instance  be a non-editable PDF document?

I would also recommend some sort of read analysis – does anybody actually read the information – if not why not just close it down or change  – and remember to update or change the text on a regular basis as it would drive more attention towards that specific document.

When developing Comoto it was evident for us that we had to make it possible for you to have several CV’s and give you the control if they should be either public or password protected – thus  giving you not only full control of accessibility but also over the level of details  – and we also make it easy for you to ensure consistency in your data with our inheritance of data from one CV to another CV.

How to Use: Export EURES CV in the Europass format for import in Comoto (UK tekst)

How to Use: Export EURES CV in Europass format for import in Comoto

It is fairly easy to export EURES CV into the Europass format, and then import this into Comoto and thus create/build your CV in less than a minute.

Export EURES CVs

Export EURES CVs

Please go to the EURES Login Webpage here. Enter your username and password to proceed to MY EURES. After the login you will see a menu on the left-hand side like the picture to the left. Please press the + sign at “My CV” and you will open another menu with some new items in it. In this menu under “Manage my CV”  please select “Download as Europass CV”. After you have done this a new page comes up looking like the one below.

Here you simply choose the language you want to export – if have more than one – and please choose the CV Format as Europass XML. By pressing  “Download” you should be able to save it on your computer, this file you will later use to upload to Comoto to create your new Comoto account. Export EURES CVsFor importing this Europass CV into Comoto please see the How To here.

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your CV and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto CV, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your CV and finally export to your favourite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private).

Free CV Templates in your language – Norwegian

Free CV Templates in your language – Norwegian

For you to be in complete and full control of building or creating your CV, the Free CV Templates needs to be in your own language. With Comoto you can Create, Optimise, Manage and Share in multiple CV’s in multiple languages and Norwegian should be one of them. Up until now we have worked with our CV engine in English only, but now we have launched a new feature that lets you select the languaes of your choice for the most important CV you ever have to write.

Below you can see a list of wordings and terms used in our CV Templates. It is these wording and terms we would like to have translated with your help.

You can download the file to translate: Comoto_nn_NO (Norwegian)

Translation finished, you can download it if you want to proofread the document.

Status of the translations: here (All languages)

Below you can see what has been translated so far:

msgid “Additional information”
msgstr “Ytterligere opplysninger”
msgid “Annexes”
msgstr “Vedlegg”
msgid “Artistic skills and competences”
msgstr “Kunstneriske talenter og ferdigheter”
msgid “Computer skills and competences”
msgstr “Datakyndighet og kompetanse”
msgid “Driving licence(s)”
msgstr “Førerkort (klasser)”
msgid “Organisational skills and competences”
msgstr “Organisatorisk evne og kompetanse”
msgid “Other skills and competences”
msgstr “Andre talenter og ferdigheter”
msgid “Social skills and competences”
msgstr “Sosiale evner og egenskaper”
msgid “Technical skills and competences”
msgstr “Tekniske ferdigheter og kompetanse”
msgid “Name”
msgstr “Navn”
msgid “Degree”
msgstr “Grad”
msgid “Job Title”
msgstr “Stillingsbeskrivelse”
msgid “Nationality”
msgstr “Nasjonalitet”
msgid “Date of birth”
msgstr “Fødselsdato”
msgid “Gender”
msgstr “Kjønn”
msgid “Desired Job”
msgstr “Ønsket Jobb”
msgid “Address”
msgstr “Adresse”
msgid “Telephone(s)”
msgstr “Telefon(er)”
msgid “E-mail(s)”
msgstr “E-post”
msgid “Internet”
msgstr “Internett”
msgid “Online CV”
msgstr “Online CV”
msgid “Professional Summary”
msgstr “Yrkesmessig sammendrag”
msgid “My Skills Summary”
msgstr “Sammendrag av mine ferdigheter”
msgid “Work experience”
msgstr “Yrkeserfaring”
msgid “Education”
msgstr “Utdannelse”
msgid “Language(s)”
msgstr “Språk (du kan ha flere)”
msgid “Mother tongue(s)”
msgstr “Morsmål (du kan ha flere)”
msgid “Understanding”
msgstr “Forståelse”
msgid “Speaking”
msgstr “Tale”
msgid “Writing”
msgstr “Skrift”
msgid “Language*”
msgstr “Språk*”
msgid “Listening”
msgstr “Lytting”
msgid “Reading”
msgstr “Lesing”
msgid “Spoken”
msgstr “Uttale”
msgid “interaction”
msgstr “Samspill”
msgid “production”
msgstr “Produktivitet”
msgid “* Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level”
msgstr “* Felles Europeisk rammeverk for referansegradering”
msgid “My Comoto profile”
msgstr “Min Comoto profil”
msgid “For a more interactive CV experience and to access all related documents, “
msgstr “For en mer interaktiv CV opplevelse og tilgang til alle relaterte dokumenter, “
msgid “please also visit: “
msgstr “vennligst også besøk: “
msgid “Web and network”
msgstr “Web og nettverk”
msgid “Linkedin profile”
msgstr “Linkedin profil”
msgid “Xing profile”
msgstr “Xing profil”
msgid “Website”
msgstr “webside”
msgid “Resume”
msgstr “Sammendrag”
msgid ” | Page”
msgstr ” | Side”
msgid “About the Company”
msgstr “Om selskapet”
msgid “My skills for this job”
msgstr “Mine ferdigheter i forhold til denne jobben”
msgid “,  Grade point average – “
msgstr “,  Karakter gjennomsnitt -“
msgid ” (10 is highest)] “
msgstr ” (10 er høyest)]”
msgid “Principal subjects”
msgstr “Kjernefag”
msgid “ProfSummary”
msgstr “ArbSammendrag”
msgid “Availability”
msgstr “Tilgjengelighet”
msgid “Status”
msgstr “Status”
msgid “Street”
msgstr “Gate/Vei”
msgid “City”
msgstr “Poststed”
msgid “LinkedIn”
msgstr “LinkedIn”
msgid “Country”
msgstr “Land”
msgid “Children”
msgstr “Barn”
msgid “Distance”
msgstr “Avstand”
msgid “Skills”
msgstr “Ferdigheter”
msgid “From”
msgstr “Fra”
msgid “To”
msgstr “Til”
msgid “Title”
msgstr “Tittel”
msgid “Job Description”
msgstr “Arbeidsbeskrivelse”
msgid “Page “
msgstr “Side “
msgid “Telephone: “
msgstr “Telefon: “
msgid ” – E-mail: “
msgstr ” – E-post: “
msgid “«LetterStreet»”
msgstr “«Gatebokstav”
msgid “Attention: “
msgstr “Vær oppmerksom: “
msgid “Desired job”
msgstr “Ønsket jobb”
msgid “Job title”
msgstr “Stillingsbeskrivelse”
msgid “First name(s)”
msgstr “Fornavn”
msgid “Surname(s)”
msgstr “Etternavn”
msgid “Street number”
msgstr “Gatenummer”
msgid “Postal code”
msgstr “Postnummer”
msgid “E-mail”
msgstr “E-mail”
msgid “Career objective”
msgstr “Karieremål”
msgid “Preferred countries”
msgstr “Ønskede land”
msgid “Family status”
msgstr “Sivil status”
msgid “Exp. min. salary /year”
msgstr “Forv. min. lønn/år”
msgid “Salary type”
msgstr “Avlønningsform”
msgid “Willing to travel”
msgstr “Villig til å reise”
msgid “Willing to telecommute”
msgstr “Villig til å pendle”
msgid “Willing to relocate”
msgstr “Villig til å flytte”
msgid “Company name”
msgstr “Bedriftens navn”
msgid “Type of organization”
msgstr “Type bedrift”
msgid “Company Size”
msgstr “Bedriftens størrelse”
msgid “Industry”
msgstr “Bransje”
msgid “Curriculum Vitae”
msgstr “Curriculum Vitae”