Season Greetings from Comoto

As the holidays are approaching and 2012 comes to a close, I want to thank you for being a part of Comoto. The Comoto team would also like to wish you Happy Holidays and use this opportunity to show you a glimpse of the new version of Comoto that will be launched shortly.

First, I would personally also like to say thanks for all the positive feed backs we receive every day and especially the many suggestions received from all of you – mails ensuring us that there is a strong need for and interest in a CV manager helping and guiding you in creating your CVs/Resumes – and I am sure you will see that many of the suggestions have been added to the new version that we are proud to show you in this and the following newsletters. By the way – if you would like to become a beta tester please email me.

Looking back, it is only a few weeks ago we celebrated our 100 weeks anniversary of the launch of Comoto and we want to celebrate this not only with the new CV Manager application shown below but also with a new look and feel on our main website which in the future will be divided in two different areas – one area for people interested in freely downloadable CV Templates and one area for guidance and help in using our Comoto CV/Resume manager to for you to get the optimal CVs/Resumes.

As we strongly believe that a CV/Resume is not something done once but it is actually an on-going process that should be a planned and managed and we also believe that you should get a new job based on a full well constructed CV/Resume and not just a short profile – we have done our best to ensure that you can easily build multiple intelligent linked full CVs that are easy to manage for each relevant job process. We have spent a lot of time working on how to help you in this process and also how we can guide and help you as much as possible in this process.

In the future we will be using the labels CREATE, OPTIMIZE and MANAGE to ensure you will be guided much better in the process of creation and the handling of your CVs/Resumes.

To make the creation of CV/Resumes even easier for you, we have also added a unique import feature on top of the LinkedIn and Europass import features. But will be able to read much more on this new Import feature in a later Newsletter.

As our CREATE, OPTIMIZE and MANAGE process will ensure you much better CV/Resumes it is of great importance that you can start effectively using your CV/Resumes. This feature we call SHARE – we have and will continue to make it much easier for you to use your CVs/Resumes and keep not only yourself but also the receivers of your CV/Resumes updated. How we can do this is still a secret for a couple of weeks, but look forward to this exciting new feature!

Words or labels does not do it on their own – as mentioned we have been analysing the use of our application and have spent a lot of time improving the help and guidance features.

You will receive extended help functions when you enter a new feature and detailed help as well as mouse over texts, hints and even on page examples when entering a page for the first time. We will also be sending you suggestions for your best next step in your process of getting the optimal CVs/Resumes – but remember that on Comoto you can always decide if you want our guidance or not.

As mentioned above words does not do it on their own – the same saying can be used for your CVs/Resumes – looks and first impressions also matters – therefore, we have reworked our Templates completely, which assures you the highest possible level of freedom and flexibility working with our Templates.

We have made it possible to make a live preview based on your own CV Data Set, before you make it into a file that you want to share with other people, and you can even see them with a lot of interesting CV/Resume examples that we made for you in the new version.

Behind this change is actually a collection of new technologies which makes the Templates much more dynamic and also editable. You can in the new version use a Template as it is or make it your own by changing for instance colour schemes, font types as well as other details. Your own Template can then be used on all CVs/Resumes you have in the application or you can make one Template for each CV/Resume you have.
If that is not enough and you want more flexibility you can now EDIT your final CVs/Resumes in Comoto. More info on this exciting new feature will follow in in one of the coming newsletters.

I hope this has shown you a glimpse of the exiting new things that will happen with Comoto and we are looking forward to an even more exciting 2013 helping you CREATE, OPTIMIZE, MANAGE and SHARE your CVs/Resumes.

Seasonal Greetings and best wishes for the new year from

Kren, Ceo of Comoto and The Comoto Team