CV honesty is it still virtue or is it long gone?

CV honesty is it still virtue or is it long gone?

cv honestyAt Comoto we still believe being honest in your CV pays off (CV honesty) – but we also know we might be a bit naive – lies in CV’s actually happen and seems to happen a lot – or does it?

Every time a public person or a high flying CEO has been discovered lying in their CV, the debate starts all over again – and in Comoto’s home country the debate is hot these days due to Amanda Jacobsen a female CEO of Gate-Gourmet and her CV lies and expected criminal wrong doings – similar case is in the press in Germany due to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (German Defense Minister) academic misconduct.

These current cases and a lot of other cases shows that it is easier for the candidate than ever to compile a false CV and lie in their CV – but also two other important facts.

  • The lies could have been discovered in minutes if the CV receiver had been more professional; and
  • The lies stays as they are produced – years later when you might not need it – it is part of your past history and today the internet history is easy to find and check.

But how big of a problem is CV misconduct actually – every time a story hits the press statistics are mentioned – is it 10%, 25% or 50% of the CV which have errors, omissions, too much “hot air”, lies and/or nonexistent careers or educations?

Some of the biggest surveys on candidate CV’s for discrepancies have been done by The Risk Advisory Group (TRAG), whom annually reviewed over 3,000 candidate CVs for discrepancies, said that candidates misled firms over everything from employment gaps to fraud committed against previous employers. Their survey shows:

  • 49% of CV’s submitted in 2006 contained false information; and
  • 65% of CV’s submitted in 2007 contained false information, a staggering rise of 16 per cent and very high numbers;

Women in their early 30s tell the most CV lies as 77% of the female CV’s contains some kind of untruth; and for Men – close to half of the CV’s for men in the early 20s have some misleading information;

Many of the CV discrepancies uncovered are simple errors or omission but around 10% are more serious!

Remember a misconducting candidate could have a legal responsibility when knowingly accepting a job offer under false pretenses and as soon as you begins to obtain money under false pretenses it may well be deemed as fraud or deception and in most cases it results in a termination of your employment and also remember this new “experience“ will be added to your public CV and can be easily found by any future employer.

Therefore – just don’t do it!

At Comoto we are working on new free CV / Curriculum Vitae features which we hope will make it easy (a matter of seconds) for any employer to see if your CV is correct and accurate – and therefore should be evaluated – and awarded – accordingly!!