How to Use: Export Europass CV with Comoto CV Manager

Export Europass CV to your CV with Comoto CV Manager

With the ability to export into the Europass CV standard you are able to export any CV you have in Comoto to the Europass format as easy as point and click.

First you need to login here:

After your login you go to your CV List by pressing the “CV List” Menu, by doing that you go to the list of the CV’s you have in Comoto. Below you can see an example of the CV List.

Europass Export

By clicking the Export Icon, (see above) you will be shown the CV Export picture where you can choose which CV Template you want to use. Whether you want to exportE uropass it into Word Template or convert to a PDF Template. But as a new feature, at the bottom you will see”Export CV’s to an Europass XML File”

To start the actual Europass CV export, you just press the designated button “1” and it will even light up when you hover over it. So you cant miss it. 🙂

After the Europass export

After you have done the Europass CV Export you will see that there is a new line in the middle, here you will have your Europass CV/Resumes and you can either delete them by pressing the waste bin next to it or you can download the XML file for you to keep or to send it via an email.

Europass CV/Resume editing

We have made it possible for you to import the Europass CV you have just exported directly into the official Europass editor, you can do this by pressing “Edit with Europass”, we will automatically upload your newly created Europass CV to the official Europass editor.