How to Use: Create CV or Import your CV before you pick a Template (UK tekst)

Create CV or Import your CV before you pick a Template (UK tekst)

create cvs

“Comoto offers you an exciting new way to present yourself and apply for jobs with an online CV, CV file or a printed CV.  It also becomes easy to create multiple CV versions and to control who can see what information on your Comoto Web Profile.”

create cvsGet started with our CV Wizard

If you want to create a new CV, te Comoto CV setup wizard will take you by the hand. Step by step it will help you to enter all important information for a professional looking CV.

create cvsImport your CV from LinkedIn

Create your first CV within seconds by importing your LinkedIn public profile. It will import all your current work experience, education, professional summary, skills and even your picture in just two clicks.

create cvsDetailed work experience
and education

Describe your work experience and education choosing the level of details you want. To get a complete CV, remember to add and rate your language skills and other competencies.

Tag Yourself with Keywords!

With our SkillsTags you can simply describe yourself and your experience with just a couple of keywords. By rating these SkillsTags you can show how good you are in an area. Using tags is often faster than writing a long text both for you and an employer, and it will help your CV to be better found on Comoto.

Gather all your CV related Documents

Add (attach) all sorts of documents and certificates like letters of recommendation, diploma, projects, work samples and many more to certify and authenticate your CV. It will raise your credibility with employers.

The relationship between Comoto and LinkedIn

The relationship between Comoto and Linkedin

How can I talk about the relationship to a relationship database like LinkedIn or Xing or Viadeo. At Comoto we are strong believers in relationship databases for their unique purpose and big fans of LinkedIn – their services help you to build relationships and keep in contact with important people in your business.

And yes they are also perfect to build relationships with or to be seen by headhunters – remember a relationship database work perfect as a place where you can illustrate your experiences without having the problems of your current employer being annoyed for being public, as if everybody could find you in a CV database (we will revert with more about this another day).

Ensure there is a match between your profile and your CV – Comoto ensures this because we can create your CV from your LinkedIn profile

We have been asked the same question many times – Is Comoto a LinkedIn hack – Comoto is not a hack, tweak or similar neither are we hacking or tweaking LinkedIn information. The Comoto technology build your curriculum vitae based on our use of the LinkedIn API. Another popular question is export to LinkedIn – unfortunately we cannot (yet) export to LinkedIn (remember to copy or paste data from Comoto is easy). By the way – we would like to launch similar features for other relationship databases like Xing and Viadeo but they dont have an API yet.

Ensure you are evaluated on your full CV and not just your relationship profile

How many times have you been contacted by headhunters or others because they have seen what you have done in the past as described in your profile – when you should be evaluated on what you are doing now or maybe even what you want to do in the future !

That is why you need a full CV to show and present your current and future potential – in full !

Actually you don’t need a full CV – you need several full CV’s – pinpointed for specific job or roles – and maintain your full control over you CV versions to ensure your privacy. Use Comoto’s unique multiple CV feature for that – create a CV specific for a job or a type of jobs – or different language versions – or have a short, basic, long version of your CV.

The last CV you ever need… (UK tekst)

The problem that started it allyou need your last CV
Need of your last CV – Do you know the situation, where you want to apply for a job and you look at a confusing pile of different CV versions, online profiles and old paper applications? None of them fully updated and none of them fit for this particular job? And you simply have no clue where to get started ? Yes, it happened to us to. And that’s why we started to dream of my CV for Life, the last CV you will ever need to fill in.

The very core in our solution – the Comoto CV Manager

Our latest step in fulfilling this dream is Comoto – a one stop CV application, the central place were you can create, manage and distribute your CV, upload all your relevant documents and even import online profiles e.g. from LinkedIn or export your CV in numerous ways. This is how we ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions that influence your life. Or maybe just help you create a good CV.

Comoto is the CV engine behind a couple of specialized online communities for different industries. Building specialized communities, proposing CV templates tailored to the industry specific skills. Our first community is Comozap, a career tool for SAP professionals.

You can read more about the special features for Comozap at

The Comoto Team

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your CV and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto CV, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your CV and finally export to your favourite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private). Now you are ready to have full control of your CV. Notice other unique features – like multiple CV’s – a few clicks and you can create a CV targeted for a specific job.

Can your CV stand the LinkedIn Buzzword test (UK tekst)

Overused buzzword – can your CV stand the LinkedIn buzzword test

Buzzwords has been around for ages, remember the buzzword bingo game, LinkedIn has examined 85 million profiles for the most clichéd and overused phrases and has come up with the “2010 LinkedIn Top 10 overused buzzwords” in LinkedIn Profiles in the USA.

1.  Extensive experience
2.  Innovative
3.  Motivated
4.  Results-oriented
5.  Dynamic
6.  Proven track record
7.  Team player
8.  Fast-paced
9.  Problem solver
10. Entrepreneurial

Can your CV stand the test of these overused words ?

Or if you don’t live in the USA:

* Dynamic – Brazil, India, Spain
* Motivated – UK
* Innovative – France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

Remember that Comoto can help you create a fast CV from your LinkedIn profile – and help you maintaining multiple CV’s. With our unique inheritance feature in Comoto you only need to change the wordings in one place if you have the same wording/phrases in multiple CV’s.

This makes it easier for you to avoid being ruled out in the “buzzword bingo game” by using a full CV and not just your profile in a relationship database.

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Is it ok to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo while employed

Is it OK to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo while employed

In the media and within the HR sector, there has been some resistance and fears about how to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo properly while employed the questions are many and different.

  • Is it OK to use LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo when i am employed?

  • What will my boss say if he finds out?

  • I have contact in Linkedin/Xing/Viadeo with a previous colleague that is know a competitor, is that a problem?

There have been a lot of questions about this issue and certain people have had a resistance in using LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo, but if you take it for what it is, a “relationship database”, I don’t see any problems in using them. It is all about networking today, even if you have a contact to a former colleague who is now hired at your competitor.

I think that these fears and the resistance arises from a misconception that LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo is a job hunting site and not a relationship database or networking tool. Certainly LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo is emerging as a very good resource for connecting candidates and headhunter, but that is not its primary role. You cant say that it is your CV you have at LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo, it is merely a profile so that people know what you can do and have done, but if you where to go job hunting you would have to make a dedicated and targeted CV instead.

With career management being an activity throughout your life, resources such as LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo and others are becoming a more important part of the strategy than ever. But how can you use these networks (either for professional networking or for job search) without it being seen as something negative from you current employer?

Most important is to develop the right mindset and be aware that building connections in these networking tools is the same thing as building up credibility in your profession and industry. If you are really networking it should be seen as a positive thing from your employers point of view. Today I think everybody is talking about networking and it is okay to do this, one way to network is to do it in these networking tools like Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo.

It should be a real professionel network and not only be friends and family, that is what Facebook is all about. And you should not have 50% recruiters/ headhunters in there, it should mainly be people who you can say are profesionells from the same proffesion or industry as you are in, or where you have previously been employed. In this case it is easy to say to an employer that this is part of your network and has a high value for the company as a contact manager and developer that is providing substantial added value.

So used in the riught way and used with the right mindset, these network like LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo and others are valuable for you and your career