I have just found the perfect job!!

I have just found the perfect job

– and spent time on an application – but the dream job was a fake just to attract attention to a CV or Job database!

perfect jobIn the last couple of weeks I have illustrated some of the dirty tricks and issues with
CV’s and the job process and I have with examples illustrated that candidates,
companies and also the CV database providers can have doubtful behaviors !

This week I will continue to illustrate misconduct from CV database owners – the subject for this week is an example from our home country as a large recruiting company
here had guidelines that each of their departments should have at least 25 job offers – and if they did not have enough actual jobs they should simply invent some fake jobs!

Regrettably – this example is not the only example but seldom have the misconduct been as clear a part of the corporate guidelines – it seems to be an often used practice for some headhunters, CV database providers and even companies  to show they are successfull.

To avoid any doubt this is illegal in Denmark and will be prosecuted should anyone get any smart ideas!

How can you avoid being misused by a fake job provider – sorry to say but you can’t – but if you believe it might be the case for an interesting job wait a few days before applying or call the provider to check – and hereby you also might get additional information – as the provider often will not spend time explaining anything to you if the job is a fake.

Remember, if you as a candidate applied for a fake job you will often be told – sorry but you are not relevant for that job – but remember to add your CV to our database – and apply again as your background is relevant for these types of jobs. Hereby you are not only wasting time but also get the wrong advice, you might also believe you wrongly have had a chance for getting a particular job or that particular type of job is available . Unfortunately if neither of these facts are correct as you might be taking erroneous decisions for your  future career!

I really hope you will not encounter a “fake job” and if you do, that you will discover in time and save the extra work that it brings with no result at all.

Why do we have a Comoto comments

Why do we have a Comoto comments section

CEO commentsAt Comoto we believe that your CV management as well as your Job Searching process could and should be easier and smarter, making your day as happy as possible, instead of being annoyed on old, outdated, complex and to many CV databases or Job application processes.

We also believe that these processes also should ensure that it is the right person that gets the job – instead of the wrong person whom for example could find out how to handle a way too complex process or the wrong person telling the most lies – in other words better and simpler processes could be an advantage for all parties.

We also believe the right person should get the job because he or she is evaluated on a full CV and not just a short profile – also for you to make sure that the job is proper for you career right now and that you have a fair chance for success in the job.

CEO commentsOn our path in making Comoto more and more successful but also from our day to day life we have experienced and learned issues and thoughts which we would like to share with all of you. They are for you to think about – maybe even learn from or maybe consider to adopt and thus increase your chances of getting that job that will rocket your career.

This is why we have created the “Comoto Comments” section, should you have any comments and/or suggestions for a subject please write to me at ceo@

Erik Nielsen, CEO and founder