About ComotoAbout Comoto

About Comoto: Comoto is a free CV manager / CV management tool for candidates / job searchers. Several thousand professional job seekers are joining Comoto every week and the number is increasing steadily.

Until now, professional job seekers have had to handle many different Resume versions and create and set up Resumes on a range of websites to catch the eye of recruiters. The downside? Extra work, a more difficult job searching process, difficult to maintain the full overview – and maybe many missed obvious job opportunities.

That’s why we developed Comoto. We want to give every candidate a manageable Resume based on your first / current Resume you can in seconds CREATE, OPTIMIZE and MANAGE not one but as many Resumes as wanted, create web profiles, hereby getting a Resume portfolio that could be SHARED and exported to any format and shared with any other Resume database – in other words get in control and stay in full control of your Resume – and get the job of your dreams !

Your Comoto Resume is also useful for recruiters on the lookout for talent as you easily can target a Resume to a specific job / recruiter request in a matter of minutes.