Comoto is getting more and more media attention, Press and Blog reviews and coverage.

Comoto latest development, features as well as positive media comments and recommendations from our positive and loyal userbase have been noticed. We have lately received several very nice recommendations and have also been reviewed as you can see below.


By Anthony Rostron

Anthony have made a nice review on Comoto. See it here:

wwwhatsnew is a Spanish and Portuguese speaking news-site about what’s new on the Web 2.0 scene. They have been around since 2005 and have a big and loyal group following them. They reviewed Comoto and their findings was positive to us:

  • Comoto Resume engine is build to facilitate the building or creation of Resume’s
  • Resume Builder speeds up the creation of a Resume
  • Excellent alternative to the other Resume engines
  • Multiple language support

For your convenience you can read the article in Spanish and Portuguese. is a user driven Internet start-ups community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers are staying informed on up-and-coming Internet start-ups using their blog platform. Their vision is: “Tapping the wisdom of crowds to find the next Internet big thing”. They deeply believe in the power of crowds, and want to put it to good use by detecting in an early stage what’s going to be big. They reviewed Comoto and also have nice words for Comoto:

  • Lets people get it right the first time they build a Resume
  • Full service, from templates, tips and how-to guides
  • Creation process accelerated with LinkedIn import
  • Multiple languages and it’s all for free

You can read the full review here

Web Marketing PT is a Portuguise blog about about Marketing, Web Marketing, SEO and also other topics website with considerable growth and development potential.

They wrote about how to create a professional Curriculum Vitae which empazise your results, values and ideas you. They state that “The curriculum is our business card that we deliver with more or less often, the people who don’t know us. This is also why it is important to have a curriculum that send the signals you want effectively”

They reviewed Comoto and also have nice words for Comoto:

“This free tool, lets you create your curriculum so easy. In addition, the site also has many tips and useful information for those who want to create their curriculum or improve it.”

You can read the full review here

Comparisons: compares 4 Websites that all offers an option to Create Professional Looking Resume From LinkedIn Profile.

The comments on Comoto is positive and they mentions specifically our unique features – “Comoto can even create your CV automatically by importing your details from your Linkedln public profile. It imports your work experience, education, skills and all the important work related information from your Linkedln profile.

It even lets you to tag your skills allowing you to rate your skills tag which can tell people more about your fields of expertise.”

You can read the full comparison here