Does Free means Free – Yes it does !

When we at Comoto say Free we mean Free. There are no costs what so ever related to our services or features.

All functions and features are free.

Our services and features that makes it possible for your to Create, Optimize and Manage your Resume is and will always be free.

We could in the future consider to add services that might require a small fee.

For example:

– It could be a very advanced features for a limited group – take an intelligence test to prepare or try a test before the real one at the headhunter; and
– It could be a very advanced templates designed for a limited group – for example a template designed after request by users – ordered by us for a cost which we would like to transfer to the users wanting this limited design; and
– It could be services that would require the involvement of professional advisor – for example translation of your Resume.

We could in the future also consider to add costs or limitations on certain services or features if a user deliberately misuses our site.

Any eventual fee – if any added at a later stage – for specific services and features will only occur if you as a user decide to use the specific services or features and in advance accept to pay