How to find time to create Resumes and search job? Optimise your job search process.

find time CVHow to find time to handle your job search process to get that perfect new job

Finding time when in job (if not also see here) to search for and get your next job can actually be rather difficult – because when you have decided that it is time to make a change in your job or have decided to test if you can make the next step in your career it is important to plan and consider the rationale behind you decision – things that unfortunately takes time – therefore choose a tool that strengthen your process.

At we try not only to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to create a CV but also to be on top of your job searching process. We also believe a successful job searching process should be a positive experience and reduce the time you waste on tedious actions and repetitions again and again.

Usually starting the job searching process would be updating your CV at some of the CV databases you know. I suggest a different approach – take control and learn and improve and make it into a process instead of a onetime action – but that is not supported by any CV database I know of.

  • Start the planning by preparing all your documents and consider the references needed
  • Create a CV on (you can make a quick start by importing your linkedin profile)
  • Find some relevant jobs (could even be some old job offers) – consider which skillset that would be important and think how it would be matched by your experience.
  • Consider the rationale behind you job change wish – how can you illustrate that in your CV – skillset and/or experiences
  • Reevaluate the CV and add or change the wording if needed by pushing the Edit button to build you Base CV
  • Build some additional CV’s changing the wording for you to consider the best version
  • Create some different version of your CV by choosing some of our templates and ask some people knowing you well to comments (a new feature will be added soon to help you here at

Based on the comments received you are ready to target your CV for each job you wants to apply – and hopefully understand this is an ongoing process with changes each time – and supports this and ensure you stay on top.

Are we the only one recommending multiple and targeted CV’s – no – not at all!

For example in Financial Times you can read the following quote from CEO Maggie Berry from “You need to tailor each CV to the job you’re applying for. I would work my way through the job specification and make sure that each one is reflected in the CV.”

“Most candidates have just the one CV that they fire off to every employer.”

“But please don’t do that. I know some applicants say they tailor their application in the covering letter – but that might not reach the manager.“