How to Use: The Comoto Resume Commenting System

The Comoto Resume Commenting system consist of 4 parts – learn how to Resume Comments, get References or get your Resume Verified

  • Resume Comments
  • Recommendations
  • A Verify feature
  • For giving References

The principles behind the Comoto Resume Commenting system

At Comoto, we believe creating and managing your Resume should be an ongoing process where you regularly improve and upgrade your Resumes (yes more than one Resume) to the specific situation and your latest status. If you want to read more about the Comoto principles go here.

Comoto Verify CVAs part of the Resume creating and optimizing process it is important that you get feedback on your Resume data text in general and the latest changes or you might have a new draft version you would like to get some comment on. Of course, you can do that by sending email with a downloaded version (don’t know how to download your Resume – go here) of your Resume but you can also do it in a much more structured way and ask for comment via the Comoto Commenting system. Hereby you also avoiding the risk of a having draft version of your Resume floating around outside your control (notice at Comoto it takes a few clicks to delete a (draft) web profile or may you just want to hide it then it show a red dot at the right of the name). We know you can easily send the URL to the web profile you want to test (and feel free to do that) by why not ask for comments to your Resume as some of the people you ask for this might be the same you ask for recommendations, a reference or to verify. Want to learn how to use the Commenting feature – go here LINK

As part of the overall quality system of our Resume system but also for you to increase the quality of your Resumes we also have added a recommendations and reference feature. Hereby you can ask relevant piers to support you. Want to learn how to use the Commenting feature – go here LINK

As part of both Comoto’s fight against fraudulent information, omitted important information and dedicated lies in Resumes and for your Resume to stand out and also reduce your risk of having a Resume being read with “skeptical eyes” we have added a Verify feature. Hereby you can emphasize which parts of your Resumes that have been verified and by whom.

Comoto Comments

All these features are combined into the Comoto Commenting System which you can find here as part of your web profile

The feature can be accessed without log in to the Comoto Resume Manager but the person you ask for comments, ref. etc. must identify her/himself (the picture shows how it looks if you have not logged in).