How to Use: Resume Verifications and Verify Resume

The Comoto Resume Commenting system for Resume Verifications
Principle behind and background for Verify Resume feature:

As part of both Comoto’s fight against fraudulent information, omitted important information and dedicated lies in CVs and for your Resume to stand out and also reduce your risk of having a Resume being read with “skeptical eyes” we have added a Verify feature. Hereby you can emphasise which parts of your CVs that have been verified and by whom.

Want to learn how to use the Verify feature – read below

How to use Resume Verify:

First log in to the Comoto Resume Manager application here

To be able to use the Comoto Resume Commenting you need to have created a least one CV. You will then have to go to your web profiles like shown below.

verify cv

 (The name on the Resume / Web profiles) shown in bottom of the picture above is not the same on yours as it will show the names you chosen for the CV).

Notice the little red square at the right bottom corner of the picture – here you can decide if the Web profile is public or private (to have the Web profile password protected or not use the icon – red = protected – green public)) – want to learn more read here.

Next step is to press the Web profile to open it – you do that by clicking the web profile and wait for it to open. Then evaluate the web profile – is it ready for comments?

Look at the right for the Comoto Resume Commenting System. See example below (when logged in as a Comoto user)

verify cv

Giving a Resume Verification

Now I change to be acting as if I was another person asked for Verifying Michaels Resume (actually a web profile labelled “Resume Comoto Examples/A Comoto example – Lorem Ipsum”).

Michael invited me by mail / sms / skype or similar and sent me the Web profile link – here  (fell free to try and add a verification).

I then have (as the verifier) to log in – there is several different options

verify cvPress Log in if you are a registered user else you can use several alternatives among others Facebook and Twitter (remember the purpose is only to identify you and to inform you about the comment should it be used by another person in your name)

I then logged in (as I have a log in I used the log in)

I have made the following Verification (see picture below)

Comoto Verify

Comoto then send me (my name here is Test) the following mail

“Hi test Test!

Thank you for leaving a verification on Lorem Ipsum Resume at Comoto. This helps the person get better quality in his/her CV.

You left the 1/22/2013 on this Resume Examples/A Comoto example – Lorem Ipsum and if accepted by the user it will be seen on this profile in the future… Best regards The team“

Michael receives this mail

“Hello, Michael!

Kren Nielsen, Comoto added a verification to your Lorem Ipsum (mother and parent CV) resume.

You can check it at the Web Profile page on

With best wishes,

The Comoto Team“

Checking a comment

You remembered this picture from above before I made the test comments

verify cv

 Now look here (below)

verify cv

Notice the  CCS_number_of_post – now I have 3 comments and 1 verification – the click the 1 number and you will be able to see the verifications as shown on the picture below (only show the first of the 3). Notice CCS_Icon_types  – the darker third icon illustrates there is Verify comments as well.

Comoto Verification

If you press the little black > in the verification like above it will show all details (see below)

Comoto Verify

If you press Show you can turn the verifcation showing on and off in your relevant web profile – if Show is marked you can under” Feedback on my CV” see the number of Comments (2) – see further below.

Notice – Here you can also send a fast comment or even ask for changes if you don’t like the word (it will be sent to the email received (if any) depending of the log in / authentication method)

Comoto Verification

Back to the verification on the web profile (public if set as public – remember to consider that for received comments) !


And if you press Verifications you can see them in further details as shown below

Comoto Verification

That’s all !

Now you are ready to get verifications and verify CVs – and feel free to test verifications on the system with the team’s profile as suggested above or send us your comments by mail.

Read more about the other features in The Comoto Resume Commenting System