Resume databases system irritates me – also you?

Resume database systems irritate me – also you?

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I have to say I am sorry for the person, who actively wants to search for a job – it is an extremely tedious process!

Comoto will offer solutions to reduce this tediousness – making it faster and easier for you to send in the information – but unfortunately we can’t do anything with all the unnecessary questions and requests for information you are being asked to answer or deliver.

As an example – In our region of the world we have a very popular Resume database / Job Application system that asks if you have a particular youngster driver license for a moped (required for those between 16 and 18). This question is asked independent of your age or other driver’s licenses. Why not start with the most common option and ONLY if it makes sense then ask the additional questions.

It would also be simple to add some links between your job interests or actual job position – and add some intelligent links between your age and educational level to ensure you get asked the right question and thus having a smooth experience using these Resume database / Job Application systems.

But this seems not to be the case – therefore we need to add these data request to Comoto for you to be able to feed / forward / link the data to your favorite Resume databases. This example is just one illustration of the lack of intelligence in the systems but sometimes also the people behind these systems could also be better in their planning and prioritization of data request instead of having a system that must fit everybody – i.e. questions asked for particular industries needs to be answered by all users (or actually not answered).

I look forward to present in details some of our forthcoming solutions in making Comoto the central place for your Resume management – as we wants Comoto to be the best Resume Builder / Creator and Resume Manager for you.