Resume Tips – Spell Check

Spell Check

One thing you should do before you send your Resume, is to make sure you give it a spell check. You can use build in version in your word processing software.

After you have done this spell check it, have someone else read the Resume. Just to make certain that you haven’t given wrong information or to ensure that the text is readable and easy to understand. A spell checker can easily give you a wrong “security” in the sense that it doesn’t check for wrong words used in a sentence. It is also important that you get a second opinion on your wordings and the way you write things.

Leave your Resume alone, and read it again after a while to be sure nothing slipped your eyes. As your Resume could be responsible of you getting the job of your dreams it is better to be safe than sorry.

In our application at Comoto we are constantly working to improve the services, and one project in our pipeline is to include a build in spell checker in Comoto, we will give you information when this has been finalized.

The Comoto Team

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