Tailored (targeted) Resumes – use a job targeted Resume to increase the likelihood of getting the job

targeted resumesDo you use the same Resume for every application you make – you shold not !

You want to have specialised or as we call it targeted Resume for each job you apply for and with our multiple Resumes feature you are able to do that fast and easy.

We have implemented a feature called multiple Resumes.
With this feature you can have as many CV’s as you want and notice you can choose to make them inherit or not inherit from each other (we also call this a clone). When inherited – if you change the “top” CV of a group of inherited CV they all change – smart ! (example – at the drawing above – if the you in the Michael Comoto (Renewables) CV change a date  both the German and the Danish version same date is also changed).

If you want to have another CV version that are not inherited/linked to other CV’s then make a non inherit version (we also call this a copy). It could also be a CV in another language – even smarter!

For each CV you can choose Template (and preview before you choose).

Hereby you only need change what is necessary to have tailormade CV’s for the job application you need just right now – and we have saved you a lot of time and efforts !

Notice your CV versions are all saved in your portfolio of CV’s and you can use them as you like.