Target your Resume to the job you want – and get it! Comoto Resume Manager

Target your Resume to the job you want

Your Resume is probably the most important part of your application to get the job of your dreams. The cover letter will be the place where you convince the recruiter/headhunter/company to read on, and read your entire Resume.

A very good idea will be to target every job application with a tailor-made Resume, if you want the job of your dreams, the employer should also read a “dream of a Resume”.

The basic principle of your Resume is to target it to the job. :

  • Be sure to cover the most important job skills, qualifications, and experience in your Resume.
  • Be certain that most parts of your Resume relates to the job you apply for.
  • Use the same skills, experience, and qualifications description as in the job ad.
  • Ensure that your previous experience is clearly and relevant to the job application.

This is a lot easier to do when using Comoto, you can have several Resume in the system and specialize them to the current application.

You have the basic material available from your basic Resume(maybe your LinkedIn profile), and then you should just adapt that material to the wishes to you dream job. An Outline of the basics in a Resume is seen below:

Professional Summary

The prof. summary is the part where you describe your overall motivation. Here you should describe that the current job would fit into your career choice. This is should show the employer that this job is the next step on your career ladder.


Skills are mostly seen as keywords in a job add; they are essential criteria’s that you have to have to fill this position. It is not a question if you have them all, most people don’t or just barely, but you must include all the required skills as much as possible. Highlight the skills where your expertise really supersedes the demands highlighted and mention the rest.

Work Experience

Your former work experience needs particular care and you should try to reuse some of the skills or goals explained in the job ad. Explain you experience very concise and clear, write the roles and tasks you had. Be sure to use the same wordings as in the requirements for this job.

Use several examples, and where it is possible show how your skills where developed and refined through your previous work experience. Make it extremely clear that you have gained extra expertise through your previous experience.

Achieved goals

Goals that you have achieved on top of your work experience for each job description are extremely positive, it shows that you aim for the goals the employer puts up and that you are dedicated to the relevant tasks. Try to use examples that are related to the new job application if possible.

Educations / Qualifications

A lot of job ads describe a certain set of required qualifications. You should try to provide qualifications that meet these requirements. Sometimes you have similar qualifications, try to convince them that they are good enough. Either do it by email beforehand so that you are sure that your qualifications are good enough. This also gives you the opportunity to have a talk with the employer before you send your Resume.

Your qualifications need to be direct and to the point, and if the employer describes them very details, you do the same. Make it look like you’re obviously qualified and the best choice for the job.

As described above it is not that hard to make your Resume targeted to the job your applying for. Using Comoto to do this is very easily, you have the opportunity to have several distinct Resumes and you can change them and have as many as you like in your portfolio. You can even make them online versions, so that you can refer to a link if you talk with an interesting person.