How To Create a Resume, Optimize and Manage your Resume with ease.

Whether you are an active job seeker or happily employed, it is important not only to create a Resume but also to maintain your Resume on a frequent basis. This can be done easily by using the features of Comoto but it is also important to understand the process and purpose of your Resume. Please find some general advice below and I also suggest you look at our below at Comoto Blogs.

As our users also have asked us to make guides on how to use the Comoto Resume Manager and its functions and services you can find a “How To Use Comoto” on the Comoto website at the Menu Item Resume Manager and you also can find below posts about using the Comoto Resume manager functions and services.

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See below how to use the Comoto Resume Manager and its functions and services  

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As we frequently will be adding more how to guides on how you easily can use your Resume and/or our Resume manager with its unique features, functions and services please come back again soon or even better sign-up for our Newsletter here – where will inform you each time we have updated or added a guide on how to use Comoto’s Resume manager.

If you have an idea or simply need help or guidance in using our Resume manager, feel free to contact us here.