How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto Resume Templates

How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto Resume Templates

You can choose your favorite Resume Templates language in Comoto each time you export your Resume. It is extremely easy to do, just by choosing the language in a drop down menu before you export your Resume.

After you have created you Resume and you want to export it in to one of our many Resume Templates, you simply use the Language drop down menu and choose the language you want your static data in.

When you are pressing the language drop-down box a selection will appear for you to choose the language of your choice.  After you have made your choice just choose you favorite template and press export and you have your Resume in the language of your choice.

Please notice that this translation only translates the static information in a Resume and not the content you have entered. So it is localising items like “Name”, “City”, “Birth of date” into the corresponding languages of your choice.

We will constantly add more languages, and if you want to help either to translate or proofread our translations into your specific language, please feel free to contact us at theteam@ to ask for further details.

How to Use: Spell check your Comoto Resume for typos and misspellings

How to Use: Spell check your Comoto Resume for typos and misspellings

Spell check your Comoto Resume: We have launched a new feature to make this easier for you, we have created a solution with a build-in a spell checking routine, that is available on all multi line text areas in Comoto. When you create or build your Resume you will see a bar at the top of the edit area, like the one below.

Spell check Resumes

All you have to do after you have created your Resume is to activate the icon then it will perform a spellcheck marking the misspelled words with a red line beneath it. When you hold the mouse over the misspelled word and click the mouse you will be able to change it using a selection of alternative wordings. In this example it was “industry” spelled like “industri”.

Creating a professional and great Resume without any misspellings and typos has newer been easier. Just remember using Comoto to build your next Resume or make the next targeted Resume with our multiple CV feature.

Please notice that this new feature also have additional editing capabilities – for instance the option to have bullets and lists in your Resume, align text areas or even make special indention of paragraphs – just to mention a few. We will make a description on these editing capabilities later. Hope you like the new spellchecking feature when building yourself the best Resume, and we also hope that we have removed some of the hassle and made it easier for you to create your next Resume.