How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto Resume Templates

How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto Resume Templates

You can choose your favorite Resume Templates language in Comoto each time you export your Resume. It is extremely easy to do, just by choosing the language in a drop down menu before you export your Resume.

After you have created you Resume and you want to export it in to one of our many Resume Templates, you simply use the Language drop down menu and choose the language you want your static data in.

When you are pressing the language drop-down box a selection will appear for you to choose the language of your choice.  After you have made your choice just choose you favorite template and press export and you have your Resume in the language of your choice.

Please notice that this translation only translates the static information in a Resume and not the content you have entered. So it is localising items like “Name”, “City”, “Birth of date” into the corresponding languages of your choice.

We will constantly add more languages, and if you want to help either to translate or proofread our translations into your specific language, please feel free to contact us at theteam@ to ask for further details.

How to Use: Spell check your Comoto Resume for typos and misspellings

How to Use: Spell check your Comoto Resume for typos and misspellings

Spell check your Comoto Resume: We have launched a new feature to make this easier for you, we have created a solution with a build-in a spell checking routine, that is available on all multi line text areas in Comoto. When you create or build your Resume you will see a bar at the top of the edit area, like the one below.

Spell check Resumes

All you have to do after you have created your Resume is to activate the icon then it will perform a spellcheck marking the misspelled words with a red line beneath it. When you hold the mouse over the misspelled word and click the mouse you will be able to change it using a selection of alternative wordings. In this example it was “industry” spelled like “industri”.

Creating a professional and great Resume without any misspellings and typos has newer been easier. Just remember using Comoto to build your next Resume or make the next targeted Resume with our multiple CV feature.

Please notice that this new feature also have additional editing capabilities – for instance the option to have bullets and lists in your Resume, align text areas or even make special indention of paragraphs – just to mention a few. We will make a description on these editing capabilities later. Hope you like the new spellchecking feature when building yourself the best Resume, and we also hope that we have removed some of the hassle and made it easier for you to create your next Resume.

How to Use: The Resume editing capabilities in your Comoto Resume

How to Use: The Resume editing capabilities in your Comoto Resume

By introducing the Spellchecker into Comoto we also introduced some other resume editing capabilities, which are present when you edit multi-line fields in your Resume. Below you can see a description of these and why not try it out and edit your own Resume. Resume editing

  • Remove formatting Remove all previous formatting from the marked text
  • Bold Make the selected text bold
  • Italic Make the selected text Italic
  • Underline Underline the selected text
  • Subscript Using this feature to subscript selected text
  • Superscript Using this feature to superscript selected text
  • Align Left, Center, Right or Full Align your selected paragraph or text according to the above description
  • Outdent / Indent Work with the indentation either positive or negative (like tabulation)
  • Font SizeUse other font sizes from 8-36pt
  • Text Color Set different text color on selected text
  • Unordered list (Bullets) Make an unordered list with bullets like this list
  • Ordered list (1,2,3,4) Create and ordered list using numbers 1,2,3,4…..
  • Horizontal ruler Insert a horizontal ruler in your text
  • Spell checker Last but not least the ability to Spellcheck your document to minimize spelling and keyboard errors

All these new features should make you able to edit and maintain your favorite Resume fast and easily. Should you want more capabilities please let us now at theteam[at] or use our contact form here.

How to Use: Create Resume – have your first Comoto Resume in less than a minute

How to Use: Create Resume – have your first Comoto Resume in less than a minute

Many Resume sites claim that you can build or create Resume in less than a minute. This can only only be done if you have your Resume data ready and either import these or cut and paste the information.

With Comoto it can be done by either importing your Resume in the Europass CV format or your LinkedIn profile, and it can be done in less than a minute. Follow this guide to create your Resume in less then a minute.

create Resume Step 1 – Create Comoto account

Open this link, and click the button “Create free CV”. Please fill in the necessary information – all you need is a valid email address and to create a password. You also need to accept our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy therefore please read and accept these.

Step 2 – Import Resume using Linkedin or Europass

Now that you have activated your account and are logged in to Comoto you need to import an existing CV or Resume, you can import either your LinkedIn profile or an existing Resume the Europass CV format. Go to Menu -> “My CV” – “CV creation Wizard”. create Resume

Simply choose your favorite way of importing your existing Resume.If you choose “Enter CV data manually” we do not promise that you will be able to create your Resume within one minute.

create Resume If you choose to import your Linkedin profile you need to login to your LinkedIn account to grant Comoto access to your data. After you have granted Comoto access to your Linkedin account, we will copy your data and after that you will by a simple click with the mouse choose which data will be imported. After the successful import of your profile, you will be able to use all our free Resume services.


With the Europass import it is even easier just follow this How To: Import Europass Resume.

Step 3: Enjoy your newly imported Comoto Resume

Now you can start working with your Resume, making multiple Resume versions, targeted Resume, even use our multi-language Resume feature, and much more. After that you can either export one of our many ResumeTemplates or export to a Europass Resume Template or create a Comoto web profile with or without password. And yes the creation of a new Resume can be done in Comoto in less than a minute.

How to Use: Export EURES Resume in the Europass format for import in Comoto

How to Use: Export EURES Resume in the Europass format for import in Comoto

It is fairly easy to export EURES Resume into the Europass format, and then import this into Comoto and thus create/build your Resume in less than a minute.

Please go to the EURES Login Webpage here. Enter your username and password to proceed to MY EURES. After the login you will see a menu on the left-hand side like the picture to the left.
Please press the + sign at “My CV” and you will open another menu with some new items in it. In this menu under “Manage my CV”  please select “Download as Europass CV”. After you have done this a new page comes up looking like the one below.

Here you simply choose the language you want to export – if have more than one – and please choose the Resume Format as CV Europass XML. By pressing  “Download” you should be able to save it on your computer, this file you will later use to upload to Comoto to create your new Comoto account.  For importing this Resume in the Europass CV format into Comoto please see the How To here.

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your Resume and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto Resume, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your Resume and finally export to your favorite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private).