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Tag Yourself with Keywords!

With our SkillsTags you can simply describe yourself and your experience with just a couple of keywords. By rating these SkillsTags you can show how good you are in an area. Using tags is often faster than writing a long text both for you and an employer.



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Detailed work experience and education

Describe your work experience and education choosing the level of details you want. To get a complete Resume, remember to add and rate your language skills and other competencies.

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Import your Resume

Create your Resume within seconds by ripping your LinkedIn public profile. It will import all your current work experience, education, professional summary, skills and even your picture in just two clicks.


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Get started with our CV Wizard

If you want to create a new CV,our CV setup wizard will take you by the hand . Step by step it will help you to enter all important information for a professional looking CV.