How to Use: Make a clone CV copy of your CV to test alternative wordings

How to Use: Make a clone CV copy of your CV to test alternative wording

CV copy

Comoto’s clone is a great feature to test alternative wordings before picking the optimal version of your CV and cover letter  – it is like having track changes on steroids.

Just like you can test different CV Template designs with a few clicks in Comoto you can also save any CV and then clone them (make a CV copy) to as many CV’s versions as you want. This is done for you to alter each of them individually to see which text and/or structure is the best wording for this specific CV.

Having different but still full versions to look at gives you a complete overview at all times and if you want to test a new version just clone it again and make the changes in the clone (this way you still have the old version to revert to). In this way you are ensuring you have the optimal tool for building the optimal CV for that particular job.

I hope that you will find this cloning/copying CV feature beneficial for you compared to using your word processor software – this is only one of the many features you have for free in Comoto. This features and other like our backup, privacy control features and other to are added to make you take full control of your CV building efforts.