How to ensure the correct level of CV details and avoid CV risks like Identity theft, cyber stalking or CV misuse

How to handle your the correct level of CV details to avoid CV risks like Identity theft, cyber stalking or CV misuse

How can you ensure your CV is not to detailed?

To detailed can bee if you publish company secrets or internal information from you current employer.

Comoto CV risks

Have you considered what would happen if your current employer or your current employers competitor got hold of your CV? Or a Colleague?

  •  Don’t show your responsibilities for a new secret project a bit to detailed
    • For example – working on Apple TV or Microsoft’s new car – crazy examples or is it – see what happened in HP here
  • Don’t show a new responsibility or a new job if the person having the position have not been informed yet.


To detailed can bee you show to much details in your CV – but that you handle easily on Comoto with our multiple CV feature – read here – combined with the Commenting system – read here.

Besides the above examples have you ensured what you state is correct and understood correctly – both in the yeses of a recruiter and in the eyes of your current employer – ensure this by using the Comoto verify feature – read here

The team

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