You fight to protect your data and take care of privacy – but your password stinks!

How many passwords do you have ? Take care of privacy!

take care of privaciesIt seems that the world can be divided into two – those of us who have 1 password for everything and those of us who have 3 passwords. The later – which actually used to include me – have a short one for fast access, a in-between and thus more protective password for those more private logins and a third and complicated password for the bank accounts and other important stuff ! Remember to take care of privacy!

How can I make that postulate – unfortunately some at the large hacks of password at Sony and Gawker showed that a lot of the people using both systems used the same
password – and please notice that the passwords on these systems were not encrypted –
anybody working at these sites or at similar sites could actually see the
password. It should be an unspoken requirement that passwords are encrypted (at
Comoto your password is encrypted and we cannot see it – we take care of your

How strong is your password ?

A strong password would for instance be 2hCP7quTEufK – where qwerty12345 is not. Making passwords like that is not always easy and I have personally started to use Roboform to generate and remember my passwords (I choose Roboform password software because it works in my IE Explorer and Firefox and both on Mac and Windows as well as my phone and my tablet). If you don’t like or dont trust password software then start using some logical combining and higher numbers of characters – for example combing a complicated password 2hCP7qu**** by changing the last 4 characters with something related to the site or use – 2hCP7qu**** becomes 2hCP7qucomo at Comoto.

You can test the strenght of your password here.

You might wonder – why a password is important on a CV builder and CV databases – first and foremost because it is your data and privacy – but have you ever considered
what could happens if somebody you didn’t know, started using your data and CV just to harm you  – applying for a job in general, mailed an application to your
current employer’s worst competitor or…. I will leave it up to you to think about
other nasty examples – or use the time instead to make sure you have a proper
password strategy.