Não podemos Português, mas gostaria de

Não podemos Português, mas gostaria de

Comoto review It is difficult for us to understand Portuguese let alone translate it, but when Comoto is reviewed in a major news contributor to the Portuguese and Spanish talking areas we are delighted.

We discovered a Comoto review in br.wwwhatsnew.com (or in Spanish here) yesterday (27-06-2011) and would like to support and help our Portuguese speaking users to use Comoto 100%, today we have a 80% translation of our CV Templates, that gives you the ability to export a CV into the Portuguese language. You can find the list of availabale languages here, and download the text as a direct download to be translated here. (if you want to help us)

Off course we would like to have this 100% translated into Portuguese, so we ask for your help with this, we already had our Spanish version translated by one of our loyal users Agueda Pedregal, we just need to upload it to Comoto for all of you to have benefit from this translation.

But having the Portuguese version would be super and make Comoto more complete and usable for our portuguese talking users. So we would look forward having one of you portuguese understanding users to help us out here.

If you have other questions or feedback please get in contact with us via our contact page here or write and email to theteam(at)comoto.com, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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