CV ManagerYou know the situation, you want to apply for a job and you look at a pile of old and outdated CV’s, online profiles and old paper applications? None of them fully updated and none of them a perfect fit for this particular job? And you simply have no clue how to get started? Yes, it happened to us too and that’s why we started Comoto.

The Comoto CV Manager Core

Comoto is a free CV Manager application – the central place – where you can create, manage and distribute your CV’s, Resume’s, Curriculum Vitae’s, Coverletters, etc. You can make a CV in less than a minute if you start by importing your LinkedIn profile or Europass CV, otherwise you can use our easy CV builder. Use our unique feature to create not one but as many CV’s as wanted – maybe a targeted CV for a specific job or make several CV’s in different languages or designs. Pick a template from one of our numerous specially designed templates and export to your favorite format. The created CV’s can be made public with a web profile, filed, mailed or saved in several formats including PDF and DOC.

Hereby you ensure that the right people always have the latest and correct information at the right time to make the correct decisions that could influence your life. Our aim is to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to start out and use Comoto. Another aim is to minimize the time you use on tedious processes of both building and working with your CV/Resume, this is done by avoiding doing the same over and over again and reuse already existing data.

The Comoto technology is also the CV engine behind a couple of specialized online communities. Building specialized communities including CV templates tailored to the industry specific skillsets required is among our competence’s.

Comoto today

Our team have a broad range of skills and international experience with different nationalities working in Comoto. We are a virtual organisation with people in Denmark and Ukraine.

A final statement

And don’t forget an updated CV is not only a part of the job application. Just choose another appropriate CV/Resume template or web profile and suddenly it is your public image representing of you to friends, colleagues, business partners and your network for numerous situations e.g. for future projects, quotes, investment and employers.