Do you need a fast CV or the right CV? (UK tekst)

Do you need a fast CV or the right CV?

Need a fast CV now or a well considered and specific targeted for that one particular job you want! – by the way this is what we call a Comoto CV clone.

Seeking a new job is not just about sending the usual and standard CV you made ages ago – most of the time it requires an evaluation and maybe a Curriculum Vitae created/build especially for that particular job opening.

Sometimes you just need a fast CV, here and now because you have been contacted by a recruiter or found a job opening through your network – with Comoto it is a matter of seconds to send one of your CV’s (and if you don’t have one yet you can import it from LinkedIn or Europass in less than 32 seconds our latest tests shows).

But as mentioned most of the time you have enough time to consider and prepare the optimal strategy for the application and accompanying CV – what is important for you in the job, why are you the perfect candidate, which are the skills needed, which are the skills to emphasise – are some of the questions to ask yourself. Use an existing Comoto CV to create a clone (our word for a copy as you copy sorry clone everything – not just the text but also the structure, etc.) change and add to ensure all the considerations you have made in advance are covered – save and test several templates – which designs fits you and the situations best (if none send us your ideas) – before you pick the optimal one.