Common writing errors: AM / PM (UK tekst)

Common writing errors: AM / PM

Usage of AM/PM notation has largely been replaced by the 24-hour notation around the world, but especially in written communication, the 12-hour notation with AM and PM suffixes is common in some parts of the world – be aware to avoid writing errors.

In latin AM stands “Ante Meridiem” which means “before noon or midday” and PM means “Post Meridiem” or “after noon”.

You should although avoid the expression “12:00 PM” not only  because it is incorrect, but because many people will imagine you are talking about midnight. The same goes for “12:00 AM” instead you should – to avoid confusion – correctly say 12 noon or 12 midnight to make a corrdct designation.

In the US, in formal writing it is still preferable to capitalize AM or PM, though the lower-case “am” and “pm” are now so popular they are not likely to get you into trouble. The lower-case forms are standard usage in the UK.

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