Common writing errors: They’re / Their / There (UK tekst)

Common writing errors: They’re / Their / There

is the contraction for They Are. You make it the same way you make don’t (do not), it’s (it is), and you’re (you are).

There is a place.  Look over there. Note it has “here” in it, which is also a place:  There.

Their is a possessive pronoun.  It has “heir” in it.  If Bob and Jim are heirs according to [statute/statue] then the money is theirs.
They’re is the contraction of “they are.”

Their is the possessive – things that belong to them or that they have. Their hats are on their heads. (They own hats and they have heads –
which is a good thing, otherwise the hats would have been a waste of money.) It
is their intention to get to class on time.
(They have an intention, and it
includes getting up when the alarm rings. They may not pull it off, but they
mean well.)

There answers the question “where?” It
refers to place (I live there) and direction (I’m
going there)
.Thereis also used with the verb “to
be” (wasn’t I just there?), as in: there is very little time; there are
several options; there be whales here
(Okay, nobody says that last
one any more).

Therecan be used to express
satisfaction (There! I finished it.); or
dismay (There! Now you’ve done it!);
or sympathy (There, there. It’s all going to be
And that’s
where we came in…

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