CV Checklist – better safe than sorry (UK tekst)

CV checklist

This is a CV checklist to be sure that the right information is in your CV. Certain types of information must be included to give you the best possible chance, getting through to the important interview. A lot of recruiters / head-hunters are increasingly using online CV databases to search for potential candidates; including the right type of information will guide them to your profile. Below you can see a checklist you can use to be sure that you are in the game to get the job of your dreams.

Personal data

This is the standard data about you as a person; name, address, phone numbers, email address and soon. You might also wish to include details about your nationality, age and driving licence, it all depends what country you live in, for instance in the UK it is not advised to write ones age, due to age discrimination.


Include information about your education, this includes your education but also if you have had some courses or seminars of an educational nature. Specific skills IT knowledge, languages skills and try to state which level it is on (basic, intermediate or advanced level). You should also include keywords used in the job ad for the position your interested in because recruiters will use keywords these to filter CV when searching in databases.

Work experience

You should list your work experience in reverse chronological order with the most recent most recent experience first. Use keywords to describe your experience, do it in a positive languages, using the right keywords for that sector and finally highlight your key achievements.


A section on your major skills can be used in some areas, these skills are skills acquired through you work experience and will typically be skills where you have achieved good results ore skills that you want to use in the future. The idea here is to show what you have learned in your work. Education is one thing, but the skills acquired when working is also extremely important.


It should not be necessary to have all the details on your referees in your CV, but you should state the basic information and that details are available on request. If you already have asked a former colleague if he would like to be a referee for you, then you can disclose his details, but if not always remember to get the permission to use them prior to handling over the contact information.


You should persuade the recruiter / head-hunter with your skills, experience and education. But sometimes it can be a good thing to show the recruiter / head-hunter that there are other things in life than work. Being a “whole” person resting in yourself can be achieved by disclosing your Hobbies or other interests. It gives a more complete rounded picture of a candidate.

This is just meant to be a mere idea of a checklist, sometimes regional practises or special rules in a special sector can apply, in that case use your common sense and use this list as a guideline and use your own checklist as well.