How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto CV Templates

How to Use: Choose language for your Comoto CV Templates

You can choose your favourite CV Templates language in Comoto each time you export your CV. It is extremely easy to do, just by choosing the language in a drop down menu before you export your CV.

After you have created you C or Resume and you want to export it in to one of our many CV Templates, you simply use the Language drop down menu and choose the language you want your static data in.

When you are pressing the language drop-down box a selection will appear for you to choose the language of your choice.  After you have made your choice just choose you favourite template and press export and you have your CV in the language of your choice.

Please notice that this translation only translates the static information in a CV and not the content you have entered. So it is localising items like “Name”, “City”, “Birth of date” into the corresponding languages of your choice.

We will constantly add more languages, and if you want to help either to translate or proofread our translations into your specific language, please feel free to contact us at theteam@ to ask for further details.