How to consider which recruiter to send your CV

How to consider which recruiter to send your CV and avoid CV risks like Identity theft, cyberstalking or CV misuse

You should consider whom you are sending an application and a CV or when you fill out their web based application form with your CV data.

what's insideAlways remember the famous short tale by Hans Christian Andersen “The Emperor’s new Clothes” and ensure you know what what’s “inside” the recruiter.

Maybe the picture on the left can inspire you – remember to act on your eventual findings – don’t wait for the “the child” telling you the truth late if ever!


  • Who is the recruiter or the company – a real or a fake job

Check for the recruites name – No name of the recruiter mentioned – Forget it

Research the recruiters: Fake recruiters watch for news of company layoffs and often use that to look for potential victims finding names on websites or using company emails.

  • Who is the company having the job

See our example of a scam as is might be the best way to tell you about job scams

  • What information are requested by the recruiter

A recruiter would never ask for the following until very late if ever – and you should consider carefully before you hand over this information (and never give a copy)

  • Social security number or central register personal number or similar
  • Password number
  • Picture
  • Mothers Maiden name

and remember never give any money to a recruiter until you are employed.

  • How are they handling my CV data
  • What can the use my CV data for
  • How long time can the keep my data

All of these questions should be possible for you to answer if you look at the recruiters website for their privacy policies and their terms and conditions. Normally a recruiter would also describe the application and test process.

  • How can I ensure they have updated data over time / always ?

If you use Comoto it is easy as we offer a feature that lets you link information in several CVs easy and fast and you only need to do it once.

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