Resume Tips – Not too Long, but neither too short – CV length (UK tekst)

Not too Long, but neither too short – CV length

How long should a perfect Resume be? This is always a tough question. Different experts give you different answers regarding CV length, and it also depends on the job you are applying for, and the expertise the employer is asking for. Some experts would say a one pager is the perfect length. Unless you have few skills and experiences to share and are new to the job market other experts say this is too small for a Resume.

A rule of thumb would be to have just enough information in there to give the employer enough information to want you to come to the job interview, and then you can give more information or just more detailed information. Read the job ad and all the skills or experience they ask for should be in your Resume if you have these skills/experiences. Be honest and don’t oversell yourself.

If you are for instance in the medical or science area a Resume can be very long. Resumes of 40-50 pages have been seen, with all relevant information about the skills, experiences and project you have made. Try to summarize, but include the most obvious things. It is better to write a smaller Resume and tell more at the job interview than to make the employer/recruiter fall asleep reading your Resume.

When using Comoto, it is easy for you have multiple Resumes of different length, just include everything you know and use only the specific things when you create the Resume for the job of your dreams.