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free cv templatesWith the Comoto CV builder you can use as many free CV Templates as you want. You can find a selection of the most used CV Templates below and even download them for free, just by following the link, but we might have an alternative for you…….

Why don’t you use our service and get your CVs pre-filled with your data in a few seconds either by importing your Linkedin profile or use your existing CV from another CV Database. By doing this you can within seconds see your CV content in a nice Templates and download a full CV. You can also try (and preview) another template with a few clicks – no need to download into Word and cut and paste all your texts !

By becoming a user at Comoto you gain access to our entire repository of CV Templates and not only the free downloadable ones. See a selection of links to the free templates below. By signing up you get access to the CV Manager where you are in total control of all your CV data and a growing list of features to create, optimize and manage your CV work easier, quicker and more professionally than ever before.

  • Complete access to all CV Templates
  • Access to build or create a CV within 1 minute
  • LinkedIn import
  • Europass CV Import and Export
  • As many different CV as you like
  • Spell check your CV
  • Complete control of your privacy
  • CV Help
  • CV Tips and Tricks
  • and much more



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Links to our Free and open CV Templates:

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