Promote your Google+ profile as an entrypoint to your CV

Promote your Google+ profile as an entrypoint to your CV

Promote your Google plusWith just a few simple added texts in your profile, you can promote your Google+ profile to the top of the search pages. This will have a great impact when a headhunter/recruiter searches for you in Google or other search engines if you promote your Google+, thus maintaining your online portfolio perfectly and being in complete control.

As a followup article on our previous successful article about using your Google+ profile as a “Interactive CV or Resume” this article is all about maintaining and using your Google+ profile as an entry-point for your CV.

With only 3 things to change or add to your profile, it will come closer to the top of the search queries:

  1. Google+ profile / About section
  2. Links section
  3. Search visibility


Google+ profile / About section

In this section you should add your typical data from your CV, this includes a short introduction to sum up you as a person.


Here you can write a small introduction to you as a person, you could take this from your professional summary in you Comoto profile.

Bragging rights

Here you write about your skills. This section is only meant to be a list of items separated with a comma mainly because in this area you have no ways to edit the layout of the text. This is making this place perfect to “Brag” with you skills and accomplishments in a list form.


Please enter your current occupation as “Title” at which “Company”

Employment / Education

Under employment you enter your previous employment with Company name and Title and the period you worked there, please make sure this is aligned to your CV information. Under education you enter your education in the same way as employment with School name, Major or Field of study and start/end date.

Please enter them in the right order as there are for now no capability to change the order of these entries. (We have communicated with Google to either sort them either descending (Year) or to add the feature to manually sort the entries.


Under links you should add links to the places where you have valid information regarding you as a person. For instance you could have a link to your Comoto Profile, your Personal Blog or Web-page, pages where you have written articles. Whether you use Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo or another social networking application for your professional network you should also add a link to that page. If you fancy you can also add a link to your Facebook profile.

One thing you should be certain off is to have the information aligned on these different links, that is don’t have information else where which are not the same as the inform you have on your Google Profile.

Search Visibility

To have the information that you have entered made available to search engines for them to index the information and make it available in search queries, the only thing you need to remember is to check of the Search visibility option in your Google+ profile. You can find it under your Google+ profile under the About section and then at the bottom of that page.


With this you will be able to manage the information made available about you on the Internet. A Google+ profile is ranked pretty high in Google’s search engine when searching for persons.

If you have the information listed in this article about the School’s you attended (with your degrees), places you have worked (Company and Title), Skills and Achievements (under bragging rights), Links (to more information about you) and a small introduction to you as a person under Introduction, it will be must easier for potential headhunters/recruiters to find the right information about you and you’re in control of this information. See it as an insurance to be in control of not only your CV but also being on control of other information regarding you as a person.

Best of all the Google+ profile is highly ranked in Searches done with Google and other search engines.

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