Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed

Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed / searching for a new job?

If you have been so unfortunate to loose your job or leaving your current position you are facing the tedious job of both building or updating your CV and adding that information to numerous CV databases.But why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed?

You will soon find out that this is very time-consuming and is both boring and frustrating as it is not in any way structured or standardized – and I postulate that either you lose your temper and get irritated but finalize the information or you might lose your overview of what you entered at what CV database!

At Comoto we would love to help you making it easier and to stay in control of your CV dialog thus creating your Curriculum Vitae (or Resume – see the difference here) faster than you would have thought was possible:

  1. Sign up and create a profile here
  2. Use your LinkedIn profile to create your first draft CV
    (it would take less than a minute – 32 seconds would be a qualified guess)
  3. Add information to your CV
    (Remember – get evaluated on a full CV instead of a relationsship profile)
    (Take a look at our CV Tips here, if you need some help building your CV)
  4. Choose one of our CV templates (complete version) to create a word file and use that word file to cut and paste information to each CV database to ensure the same information is in all CV databases
    (Creating a PDF version is a matter of seconds – different designs add a few more seconds)
  5. Consider saving the Word file with an appropriate name (CV Database name XX.XX.XX) if you have changed the usual information or have added information. You can upload that information to Comoto. A Similar approach is recommended when applying for a job, mailing a cover letter and an application
    (Please notice our unique multiple CV feature to target each CV to the current job/position)
  6. Create a web profile from your CV to be able to send a link when meeting somebody you think might be able to help you in your job searching process
    (Stay in control by having a password on your web profile – a web profiles is a copy of one of your multiple CV’s and can also be targeted to the actual position).
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