How to build or create a CV in 32 seconds

Many CV sites claim that you can build or create a CV in less than a minute. This can only be done if you have your CV data at hand and either import or copy/paste the information.

With Comoto it can be done by either importing your Europass CV or your LinkedIn profile, and it can be done in less than a minute. Follow this guide to create your CV in less than a minute.

Step 1 – Create Comoto account

Open this link, and click the button “Create free CV”. Please fill in the necessary information – all you need is a valid email address to create a password.


Step 2 – Import CV using Linkedin or Europass

Now that you have activated your account and are logged in you need to import an existing CV, you can import either your LinkedIn profile or an existing Europass CV. Go to Menu -> “My CV” – “CV creation Wizard”.

Simply choose your favorite way of importing your existing CV. If you choose to “Enter CV data manually” we do not promise that you will be able to create your CV within one minute.


If you choose to import your Linkedin profile you need to login to your LinkedIn account to grant Comoto access to import your data. After you have granted Comoto access to import your Linkedin information, we will copy your data and after that you will by a simple click with the mouse choose which data will be imported. After the successful import of your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to use all our free CV related services.

With the Europass import it is even easier just follow this How To: Import Europass CV / Resume.

Step 3: Enjoy your newly imported Comoto CV

Now you can start working with your CV, making multiple CV versions, targeted CV’s or use our multi-language CV feature, and much more. You can either export your CV with one of our many CV Templates, export to a Europass CV Template (XML) or create a Comoto web profile with or without a password.

And yes the creation of a new CV can be done in Comoto in less than a minute!