Comoto’s Advanced CV Manager is the fastest and easiest way to Create, Manage, Optimise and Share your CV. With Comoto you work professionally with both your CV Data and the CV design to ensure you an optimal and job ensuring CV Strategy.

The Comoto CV Manager helps you get in complete control of you CV Strategy and ensures you dont waste valuable time on tedious jobs like formatting and designing of CV Templates, this is done for you already. The Comoto CV Manager is divided into 4 easy to understand areas:

Template48CREATE CVsCreate CV is the area where you work professional with your CV Data Sets, we call them Sets because you off course can have more than one. You can create them from scratch or import from one of many ways.

  • Document (Word/PDF)
  • LinkedIN
  • Europass
  • Eures via Europass

Template48MANAGE CVsManage CVs consist of many different features used to make your CV even better, you can manage the different versions you have. Make a targeted CV for the job you really really want, to make a difference.

  • Clone or Copy CVs
  • Spellcheck CV
  • Export to Europass
  • and many more…

Template48OPTIMISE CVsWhen you Optimise your CV it is more related to the design and layout and not as much the content. Choose the specific CV Template suited for your needs and wishes, make it your own by changing the Color Scheme.

  • Change CV Template
  • Change Color / Design
  • Get Recommendations
  • and many more…

Template48SHARING CVsSharing your CV, can be a tedious task, who should be aware of the chnages you already made and who has an old version of your CV, that needs updated. Do you need a recommendation or get parts of your CV verified.

  • Send your CVs
  • Upload your CVs
  • Verification of data
  • and many more…