How can I make the right decision in regards to my privacy!

How can I make the right decision between having my full information made public, limited access or no access – some of the privacy factors to consider!


Finding the right balance between having detailed information public available on the net or not – taking the benefits and risks into consideration should involve several factors

  • The proper balance depends on your situation / wishes and will change over time and should be flexible and easy to change
    Make it easy to change between being public and not – ensure you can change accessibility or can delete / pause your presence at every CV database or Profile network you use
  • The level of details should also be taken into consideration and be part of your planning
    What is  the purpose – relationship building, personal branding, experience marketing or job searching.  There are different sites and or tools for each purpose – one size does fit it all!
  • The freshness and correctness in the information should be considered carefully – to make it manageable
    Besides relevant for your purpose, remember the more detailed you get, the more difficult it is to update and to ensure consistency in the data – ignoring  this can have a substantial consequence as a serious reader would pick the next candidate,  if the information creates more confusion.
  • The general risk for any harassment’s from public information should be considered thoroughly
    Need to show your full address ?
    Need to show phone (all) numbers ?

Please do have in mind that if your CV information is public it will indexed by search engines and can also be found by any spammer. It would be rather simple not to show your email or obscure it by writing it as name[at]domain[dot]com or to show your name and email as a graphic file instead of text, these  just to mention a few easy steps. Same principles applies for text formats – does it need to be as an editable text– or could it for instance  be a non-editable PDF document?

I would also recommend some sort of read analysis – does anybody actually read the information – if not why not just close it down or change  – and remember to update or change the text on a regular basis as it would drive more attention towards that specific document.

When developing Comoto it was evident for us that we had to make it possible for you to have several CV’s and give you the control if they should be either public or password protected – thus  giving you not only full control of accessibility but also over the level of details  – and we also make it easy for you to ensure consistency in your data with our inheritance of data from one CV to another CV.

How to Use: Make a clone CV copy of your CV to test alternative wordings

How to Use: Make a clone CV copy of your CV to test alternative wording

CV copy

Comoto’s clone is a great feature to test alternative wordings before picking the optimal version of your CV and cover letter  – it is like having track changes on steroids.

Just like you can test different CV Template designs with a few clicks in Comoto you can also save any CV and then clone them (make a CV copy) to as many CV’s versions as you want. This is done for you to alter each of them individually to see which text and/or structure is the best wording for this specific CV.

Having different but still full versions to look at gives you a complete overview at all times and if you want to test a new version just clone it again and make the changes in the clone (this way you still have the old version to revert to). In this way you are ensuring you have the optimal tool for building the optimal CV for that particular job.

I hope that you will find this cloning/copying CV feature beneficial for you compared to using your word processor software – this is only one of the many features you have for free in Comoto. This features and other like our backup, privacy control features and other to are added to make you take full control of your CV building efforts.

Why do we have a Comoto comments

Why do we have a Comoto comments section

CEO commentsAt Comoto we believe that your CV management as well as your Job Searching process could and should be easier and smarter, making your day as happy as possible, instead of being annoyed on old, outdated, complex and to many CV databases or Job application processes.

We also believe that these processes also should ensure that it is the right person that gets the job – instead of the wrong person whom for example could find out how to handle a way too complex process or the wrong person telling the most lies – in other words better and simpler processes could be an advantage for all parties.

We also believe the right person should get the job because he or she is evaluated on a full CV and not just a short profile – also for you to make sure that the job is proper for you career right now and that you have a fair chance for success in the job.

CEO commentsOn our path in making Comoto more and more successful but also from our day to day life we have experienced and learned issues and thoughts which we would like to share with all of you. They are for you to think about – maybe even learn from or maybe consider to adopt and thus increase your chances of getting that job that will rocket your career.

This is why we have created the “Comoto Comments” section, should you have any comments and/or suggestions for a subject please write to me at ceo@

Erik Nielsen, CEO and founder

My name is Lorem Ipsum and a I have just been contacted by a headhunter regarding my nonsense CV!

My name is Lorem Ipsum and a I have just been contacted by a headhunter regarding my nonsense CV!

nonsense CVIn the last couple of weeks I have illustrated some of the dirty tricks and issues with CV’s and the job process and I have with examples illustrated that both candidates and companies not always behave with the appropriate ethical standards and moral – but what about the CV database owners and their behavior?

Comoto have over the last couple of years tried to learn and understand our competitors and potential partners better. To evaluate features offered by these we have on a regular basis added a profile to their CV databases. To ensure that the administrators of these CV database understand that these CV from us is only for testing we use names that makes it clear for the reader that it is for test purposes only. We use names like Test Tester or Lorem Ipsum and the CV’s data field’s, text or resume template is without any doubt complete nonsense.

Even though we believe it is clear for everybody that nobody could have any interest in our test CV we have received many emails from CV databases providers informing us that our CV is or have been of interest to some of their customers and therefore we need to do particular actions – actions that only have the purpose to illustrate for the CV database’s customers that their CV are more often updated, their users are alive and also more active than the candidates actually are!

This questionable behavior and by purpose deceiving emails have been received from many CV databases and also some of the biggest CV Monsters of the industry as well as international players of the CV Industry and clearly illustrate that several of these CV database providers have built automatic systems to generate an artificial interest in your CV / Curriculum Vitae for you to be positive and use that particular CV database and/or to perform their wanted actions.

From our side we believe this behavior is another example of why you should take control of your Resume dialog and manage your Resume, Resume Templates and your job process carefully as well as to protect your privacy.

For you as a candidate the above described behavior also have the negative side effect that you over time will stop reacting on mails from CV databases – unfortunately and in particular if the contact was actually correct and valid.

If you have experienced similar behavior or other doubtful actions to increase a CV database’s traffic and user interest please let us know at theteam@

BTW: – For your information – Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s – like “dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In non tellus eros. Vestibulum ac nulla nibh, at posuere leo. Proin mollis blandit lorem eget consectetur. Maecenas sodales vehicula odio, vel commodo neque adipiscing a. Sed ac dolor suministros turpis. Maecenas tincidunt skabelon aliquet massa, malesuada como to adipiscing justo egestas vitae. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus”

Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Have you ever considered the CV Database risks – if any – from having keyed in your information in a CV database?

At Comoto we put emphasis on privacy and makes it possible for you to decide how you want your privacy settings – and you can change your decision whenever you fell it is appropriate. Hereby we give you the full control of your CV data, now and in the future. Have you ever considered what happens to your data on the numerous CV databases you have used in the past?

  • The usual question is always – are the information updated – properly not.
  • Have you ever considers what impact old data can have on your current job – can you see your boss attitude “not happy here since you are looking for a new job!”
  • Considered how it can reduce your chances of getting a new job? Old and outdated data can also affect a recruiting process if the information you are presenting are different depending of the source. Would a recruiter contact you and ask a question to you or are you just taken out of the process

Therefore – make sure these old data are updated or removed – if you can delete it!

Some CV databases makes it possible for you to maintain some kind of control – For example “We may disclose such information to third parties if you consent to such disclosure” but did you notice that you automatically gave consent when you had to accept standard terms to use the CV database ? or “We may share your information with third parties who help us in the delivery of our own products and services to you”. I recommend you read the privacy comments on the database to make sure you fully understand the consequences.

My final recommendation to reduce your risk is to consider the purpose of each CV database – how will the CV Database use your data? There are many different business models in the CV database jungle and many different ways to exploit your data. Therefore some sound judgment is recommended both when joining and on using these services. You might be better off using a relationship databases like LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo (which don’t have the risks as described) and a CV manager tool like Comoto.

Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed

Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed / searching for a new job?

If you have been so unfortunate to loose your job or leaving your current position you are facing the tedious job of both building or updating your CV and adding that information to numerous CV databases.But why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed?

You will soon find out that this is very time-consuming and is both boring and frustrating as it is not in any way structured or standardized – and I postulate that either you lose your temper and get irritated but finalize the information or you might lose your overview of what you entered at what CV database!

At Comoto we would love to help you making it easier and to stay in control of your CV dialog thus creating your Curriculum Vitae (or Resume – see the difference here) faster than you would have thought was possible:

  1. Sign up and create a profile here
  2. Use your LinkedIn profile to create your first draft CV
    (it would take less than a minute – 32 seconds would be a qualified guess)
  3. Add information to your CV
    (Remember – get evaluated on a full CV instead of a relationsship profile)
    (Take a look at our CV Tips here, if you need some help building your CV)
  4. Choose one of our CV templates (complete version) to create a word file and use that word file to cut and paste information to each CV database to ensure the same information is in all CV databases
    (Creating a PDF version is a matter of seconds – different designs add a few more seconds)
  5. Consider saving the Word file with an appropriate name (CV Database name XX.XX.XX) if you have changed the usual information or have added information. You can upload that information to Comoto. A Similar approach is recommended when applying for a job, mailing a cover letter and an application
    (Please notice our unique multiple CV feature to target each CV to the current job/position)
  6. Create a web profile from your CV to be able to send a link when meeting somebody you think might be able to help you in your job searching process
    (Stay in control by having a password on your web profile – a web profiles is a copy of one of your multiple CV’s and can also be targeted to the actual position).