Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Are there any risks associated with being listed in a CV database – CV Database risks?

Have you ever considered the CV Database risks – if any – from having keyed in your information in a CV database?

At Comoto we put emphasis on privacy and makes it possible for you to decide how you want your privacy settings – and you can change your decision whenever you fell it is appropriate. Hereby we give you the full control of your CV data, now and in the future. Have you ever considered what happens to your data on the numerous CV databases you have used in the past?

  • The usual question is always – are the information updated – properly not.
  • Have you ever considers what impact old data can have on your current job – can you see your boss attitude “not happy here since you are looking for a new job!”
  • Considered how it can reduce your chances of getting a new job? Old and outdated data can also affect a recruiting process if the information you are presenting are different depending of the source. Would a recruiter contact you and ask a question to you or are you just taken out of the process

Therefore – make sure these old data are updated or removed – if you can delete it!

Some CV databases makes it possible for you to maintain some kind of control – For example “We may disclose such information to third parties if you consent to such disclosure” but did you notice that you automatically gave consent when you had to accept standard terms to use the CV database ? or “We may share your information with third parties who help us in the delivery of our own products and services to you”. I recommend you read the privacy comments on the database to make sure you fully understand the consequences.

My final recommendation to reduce your risk is to consider the purpose of each CV database – how will the CV Database use your data? There are many different business models in the CV database jungle and many different ways to exploit your data. Therefore some sound judgment is recommended both when joining and on using these services. You might be better off using a relationship databases like LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo (which don’t have the risks as described) and a CV manager tool like Comoto.

Manage and share your online profile on the web and in your printed CVs

Manage and share your online profile on the web and in your printed CVs

online profile

“A Comoto Web Profile – online profile – is easy to update and can be shared directly with  employers, colleagues or friends. With your privacy settings you always keep full control of who can see what.”

online profileFree CV Templates versus Online Profile

You need a CV in Word or PDF format but don’t know how to start? Choose from one of our professionally designed CV templates and export your CV with just a click. If necessary you can quickly change templates depending on the occasion and your audience.

Keep your Information Safe and Secure

By adjusting the privacy level of each information entered into your ComoProfile, you can easily choose which information is being displayed and to whom. By hiding your name you can also look for a new job without your current employer knowing it.

Comoto Web Profile: Your online CV

Comoto Web Profile: Your online CV.

Get your personal online CV with a unique customized URL. Simply send this URL to a recruiter to share your Comoto Web Profile and automatically update them with CV changes and most up-to-date information!

You can use this URL on any website, blog, online application form, job portal, business card.

Add this link to your printed CV and make sure that people always have access to your complete and updated CV.

The Comoto Team