FAQ – I have no access to the email to login to Comoto Resume manager – what can I do?

FAQ – I have no access to the email to login to Comoto Resume manager – what can I do?

You don’t have to have access to the email to change the email. Login and change the email in the Account Settings – see below:

password settings

Please notice if you change email or other information in the Comoto Resume application it do not have any impact for the Comoto newsletters – you change the email address for the Comoto newsletter by clicking < update subscription preferences > in the bottom of each of the Comoto newsletters.

According to the “CAN-SPAM Act of 2003” we have in all our communication with our users given a possibility to unsubscribe at the button of each email by just activating the <unsubscribe> option.

If you do not remember your email or have no access to it anymore I am afraid you have to start over as the data and password is crypted.

If you have lost your password you can in the upper right corner of the Comoto web application (http://app.comoto.com ) find a button to generate a mail with your password if you remember the email used at the Comoto web application.

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