Cheating and lying in Resume – fake job offers – Resume database misconduct – an increasing trend or ?

Cheating and lying in your Resume – fake job offers – Resume database misconduct – an increasing trend or ?

At Comoto we believe being honest in your Resume pays off, and believe that you should not be worried about your CV data and/or your application. I will in over the next period – in my comments – show you some examples of what I believe should be avoided and hopefully thereby give you some thoughts to consider about your privacy and secure use of Resume databases.

lying in resumeFake Jobs!

One of the latest fake job offer schemes was actually quite successful in several countries – see (I am afraid or hope the page will be closed some day). After applying you would receive a full contract in your own local language and shortly after employed – but actually you will only be handling the export of stolen goods (becoming a mule for them) to the guys behind the scheme. Therefore, make sure you do your homework  and prepare – preparing means more than reading the home page – because as this example shows you can make a site that looks trustworthy in a few hours. The right advice will be – if the job is too good to believe, it is probably fake.

At we also regret every time one of our users loose an interesting job opportunity to a competing candidate whom might have “blown to much hot air” into his or her Resume – therefore we will soon be launching features to support your Resumes quality and ensure the Reusme will be judged correctly as the right Resume it is.