Comoto as a Honda dealership in Brazil

Comoto is not only about Resume Control and Resume Templates

The word comoto is also used about other product and service for instance, did you know that Comoto could be a motorcycle dealership in Brazil. Well we looked at some of the people visiting us and the pages they went to after leaving our site, and some of you went looking for this dealership. Thats why we wanted to make it easier for you to find with this post.

Selling Honda motorcycles in Brazil

Honda CBR-600

Honda CBR-600

A company in Brazil named Comoto are selling other motorcycles, namely the famous Honda motorcycles from Japan. Our brazilian is not that good and the page is made in flash so we coudnt easily take some of their text and show it to you.

We will try and contact the company to see if we can get a english translation, or if one of you have the competences we will put up your translation. But from the looks of it, it is a Brazilian dealership of the japanese Honda motorcycle. They have existed since 1976 and are seeling the full range of these very nice motorcycles.

The interest in the name Comoto for motorcycles are not only in brazil, you can also see the electrical motorcycle from Hirsch Design here. Maybee the interest for the name Comoto comes from “moto” in Comoto. 🙂

You can visit the Brazilian Honda dealership here.

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