Comoto as a lightweight electrical Motorcycle

Comoto is not only about Resume Control and Resume Templates

The word comoto is also used about other product and service for instance, did you know that Comoto could be a lightweight, eletrical powered futuristic motorcycle. Well we looked at some of the people visiting us and the pages they went to after leaving our site, and some of you went looking for this electric lightweight motorcycle. Thats why we wanted to make it easier for you to find with this post.

Hirsch Design

The Comoto is a 100% all electric, all aluminum alloy, lightweight motorcycle. Specifcally well suited for commuting, off-road use and agencies requiring security vehicles.

Comoto Motorcycle

The 2010 Comoto was conceived and engineered by Jeff Hirsch of  Hirsch Design.  The Comoto was meticulously designed, and, entirely  hand  built  from the ground up, using only high strength 6061-T6 alloy aircraft aluminum sheet metal in  its unique  monocoque  frame  design.  No welding  is  used,  except  or a few cross members and head tube, therefore there is very little welding to lose the structural integrity of the T6 temper. Only world class high end electronics and high intensity components were chosen for  the Comoto’s overall strength, weight savings, handling and aesthetic look.

So if you are interested in this cool motorcycle, you can find more interesting information about this unique motorcycle here.

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