Help us make all our free Multilingual Resume Templates available in your language

Multilingual Resume TemplateHelp us make all our free Multilingual Resume Templates available in your language

By launching the new All Language Multilingual Resume Templates feature we have made it possible to have any language in the export of your favorite Resume Templates. We have made them available in a number of languages, for instance English (US), German, Dutch and Danish. But we would like to ask for your help to make them available in other languages as well.

Right now we have the templates in 25 languages that are almost translated – there are still some minor issues in some languages and we would like to have your help. Below you can see a list of the languages that are partially translated. Follow the link to give us your comments or download the template file for you to translate.

Language Completeness Download
Bulgarian 80% Link – Comoto_bg_BG
Czech 80% Link – Comoto_cs_CZ
Estonian 80% Link – Comoto_et_EE
Danish 100% (Proofread) Link – Comoto_da_DK
German 100% Link – Comoto_de_DE
Greek 80% Link – Comoto_el_GR
English 100% Link – Comoto_en_GB
Spanish 95% Link – Comoto_es_ES
French 95% Link – Comoto_fr_FR
Croatian 80% Link – Comoto_hr_HR
Icelandic 80% Link – Comoto_is_IS
Italian 80% Link – Comoto_it_IT
Lithuanian 80% Link – Comoto_lt_LT
Latvian 80% Link – Comoto_lv_LV
Hungarian 80% Link – Comoto_hu_HU
Dutch 100% (Proofread) Link – Comoto_nl_NL
Norwegian 100% (Proofread) Link – Comoto_nn_NO
Polish 80% Link – Comoto_pl_PL
Portuguese 80% Link – Comoto_pt_PT
Romanian 80% Link – Comoto_ro_RO
Slovenian 80% Link – Comoto_sl_SI
Finnish 80% Link – Comoto_fi_FI
Swedish 80% Link – Comoto_sv_SE
Turkish 80% Link – Comoto_tr_TR

If you have a more exotic language you want to have included in Comoto, why not help us by downloading the empty template here, and put in your own language. If possible it would be nice if you had someone to proofread it as well, then we can have the quality and correctness we strive for in your Resume. When finished, please send it to theteam@ and we will revert back with comments or questions.

If you want us to in public to acknowledge your work, we would be delighted to have your name listed here and add a link to you CV or Homepage.

The Comoto Team

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