Resume Inconsistencies between Google and your Resume!

Be aware of Resume inconsistencies between Google and your Resume!

Resume InconsistenciesWell, is it a lie or is it a mistake when your Resume is not consistent with easy search able information? The judge of that I think will be the recruiter not you!

Have you ever considered checking your Resume data and other information – which can be found within seconds on the Internet – and compare that to your Resume data. It can be titles, responsibilities, task carried out or exams that you state but a search engine source shows differently hereby pinpointing a potential conflict or breach in
data consistence.

At some time during a hiring process either the recruiter or your potential new colleagues might do some checking or preparing before meeting you, and your Resume can be completely correct as the search information might be outdated but when it happens the doubt have been raised and they might as a consequence prefer another candidate.

The best idea would be to do the same tests yourself – and remember not only on Google, also test some of the other search engines as well as industry specific pages and other relevant sources.

Remember to search as if you were a headhunter – it might be that the job and title you claim you have is also shown by somebody else – and make other similar logical tests.

If you find some information you would like to have corrected or deleted which I doubt you can – but it might be worth a try – then the second best thing you can do is to be prepared and have a good and reliable explanation to the inconsistency in the information.