Why do we have a Comoto comment

Why do we have a Comoto comment section

Comoto CommentsAt Comoto we believe that your Resume management as well as your Job Searching process could and should be easier and smarter, making your day as happy as possible, instead of being annoyed on old, outdated, complex and to many Resume databases or Job application processes.

We also believe that these processes also should ensure that it is the right person that gets the job – instead of the wrong person whom for example could find out how to handle a way too complex process or the wrong person telling the most lies – in other words better and simpler processes could be an advantage for all parties.

We also believe the right person should get the job because he or she is evaluated on a full Resume and not just a short profile – also for you to make sure that the job is proper for you career right now and that you have a fair chance for success in the job. Comoto Comments

On our path in making Comoto more and more successful but also from our day to day life we have experienced and learned issues and thoughts which we would like to share with all of you. They are for you to think about – maybe even learn from or maybe consider to adopt and thus increase your chances of getting that job that will rocket your career.

This is why we have created the “Comoto Comment” section, should you have any comments and/or suggestions for a subject please write to me at ceo@

Erik Nielsen, CEO and founder