Contacted by a headhunter and need a fast Resume or a full Resume?

CEO comments –  Have you been contacted by a headhunter/recruiter and need a full or fast Resume?

fast resumeHave you been contacted by a headhunter? Need a fast Resume or a full Resume?  Comoto can create one in 32 secs. Read about the differences between Comoto and LinkedIn.

We have been asked several times about the difference between LinkedIn and Comoto. Comoto is a Resume builder and your personal Resume database and LinkedIn is a relationship database so from our perspective the difference is clear – in particular if you wants to separate between building a network and getting a job.


  • The relationship network (LinkedIn) is based on people and people interconnections. Your Resume illustrates your personal background and achievements.
  • Profile versus a full Resume. Get judged by a the full Resume you can create in Comoto, instead of the public profile in LinkedIn
  • One profile versus many Resumes – target each Resume for that particular job by using the unique multiple Resumes feature in Comoto
  • Profile in English versus many different Resumes in whatever language you want


  • The facts – Always remember to ensure facts are the same. Short in LinkedIn – detailed and precise in your Comoto resume

As Comoto works closely with your LinkedIn profile it is easy to ensure the data consistency – and the same feature makes is fast to create your first Comoto Resume or update a Comoto Resume.

New statistical Comoto features implemented

New statistical Comoto features implemented

Comoto featuresWe have found a perfect use for the Sidebar in Comoto, we have revised the design slightly and are presenting some statistical information for you as a user of Comoto. Under My Statistics you can always see the last time you made an update, you can see the number of Resumes you have divided into Top Levels Resumes and Child Resumes which inherited data from a top-level Resume.

Your Privacy Settings can be monitored with ease, you can now follow how many Resumes you have online either being private, public and if they are visible for Comoto.

Another new info is the ability to see how many “hits” you web-profiles have had. This is the first go, where you can follow the overall hits, but in the future you will be able to monitor them for each Web-Profile you have.

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your CV and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto CV, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your CV and finally export to your favorite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private).

Ambitious Resume, Party Animal on Facebook!

Ambitious Resume, Party Animal on Facebook!

Ambitious ResumeMy ambitious Resume depicts me as an ambitious leader and I always know how to behave correctly but on Facebook I am a Party Animal! Beware, the inconsistent information or signals can be an issue!

In the world of fast data exchange and social network your history and presence might not be neither consistent nor showing the person you might be trying to show in your Resume.

I am not saying you should avoid to use social networks and the like – just be aware that the information about you might not be consistent or underestood by a recruiter as you had expected, hereby raising an issue that moves you away from the top spot and the dream job!

Therefore be consistent and use Social media wisely!

It can be difficult to remove information after they have been published – deleting, changing might be possible else pausing or deleting a profile might be necessary if it is possible or even an option. The last option is to drown the unwanted information – lots of new pictures and text depicting you as a different person, as the Recruiter seldom reads all availbale information about you.

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your Resume and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto Resume, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your Resume and finally export to your favorite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private).



Comoto Europass features – Show what you’re capable of!

Comoto Europass features – What is the Europass CV format

Europass featuresWhether you are planning to enrol in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad, it is important to be able to make your skills and competences clearly understood.

You can read more about Europass here.

Europass is a new way of helping people to:

  • make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe (European Union, EFTA/EEA and candidate countries);
  • move anywhere in Europe.

Europass consists of five documents:

  • Two documents you can fill in yourself
    • Europass curriculum vitae (Resume)
    • Europass Language Passport (CEFR standard)
  • Three documents which will be filled in and issued by a competent organisation
    • Europass Certificate Supplement
    • Europass Diploma Supplement
    • Europass Mobility

Europass is supported by a network of National Europass Centres. Europass has been established by a decision of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004 on a single transparency framework for qualifications and competences.

Comoto supports Europass

Comoto Resume engine has an integration to Europass, which supports the Europass curriculum vitae (Resume). It is possible to either import an existing Resume in the Europass CV format or export your Comoto Resume to the Europass XML CV format.

Read more about the implementation of the Europass integration here.

Read more about the Europass import feature here.

Read more about the Europass export feature here.

My name is Lorem Ipsum and a I have just been contacted by a headhunter regarding my nonsense Resume!

My name is Lorem Ipsum and a I have just been contacted by a headhunter regarding my nonsense Resume!

nonsense Resume

In the last couple of weeks I have illustrated some of the dirty tricks and issues with Resumes and the job process and I have with examples illustrated that both candidates and companies not always behave with the appropriate ethical standards and moral – but what about the Resume database owners and their behavior?

Comoto have over the last couple of years tried to learn and understand our competitors and potential partners better. To evaluate features offered by these we have on a regular basis added a profile to their Resume databases. To ensure that the administrators of these Resume database understand that these Resume from us is only for testing we use names that makes it clear for the reader that it is for test purposes only. We use names like Test Tester or Lorem Ipsum and the Resumes data field’s, text or resume template is without any doubt complete nonsense.

Even though we believe it is clear for everybody that nobody could have any interest in our test Resume we have received many emails from Resume databases providers informing us that our Resume is or have been of interest to some of their customers and therefore we need to do particular actions – actions that only have the purpose to illustrate for the Resume database’s customers that their Resume are more often updated, their users are alive and also more active than the candidates actually are!

nonsense ResumeThis questionable behavior and by purpose deceiving emails have been received from many Resume databases and also some of the biggest Resume Monsters of the industry as well as international players of the Resume Industry and clearly illustrate that several of these Resume database providers have built automatic systems to generate an artificial interest in your CV / Curriculum Vitae / Resume for you to be positive and use that particular CV/Resume database and/or to perform their wanted actions.

From our side we believe this behavior is another example of why you should take control of your Resume dialog and manage your Resume, Resume Templates and your job process carefully as well as to protect your privacy.

For you as a candidate the above described behavior also have the negative side effect that you over time will stop reacting on mails from Resume databases – unfortunately and in particular if the contact was actually correct and valid.

If you have experienced similar behavior or other doubtful actions to increase a Resume database’s traffic and user interest please let us know at theteam@

BTW: – For your information – Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s – like “dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In non tellus eros. Vestibulum ac nulla nibh, at posuere leo. Proin mollis blandit lorem eget consectetur. Maecenas sodales vehicula odio, vel commodo neque adipiscing a. Sed ac dolor suministros turpis. Maecenas tincidunt skabelon aliquet massa, malesuada como to adipiscing justo egestas vitae. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus”

Resume honesty is it still virtue or is it long gone?

Resume honesty is it still virtue or is it long gone?

Resume honestyAt Comoto we still believe being honest in your Resume pays off (Resume honesty) – but we also know we might be a bit naive – lies in Resumes actually happen and seems to happen a lot – or does it?

Every time a public person or a high flying CEO has been discovered lying in their Resumes, the debate starts all over again – and in Comoto’s home country the debate is hot these days due to Amanda Jacobsen a female CEO of Gate-Gourmet and her Resumes lies and expected criminal wrong doings – similar case is in the press in Germany due to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (German Defense Minister) academic misconduct.

These current cases and a lot of other cases shows that it is easier for the candidate than ever to compile a false Resume and lie in their Resume – but also two other important facts.

  • The lies could have been discovered in minutes if the Resume receiver had been more professional; and
  • The lies stays as they are produced – years later when you might not need it – it is part of your past history and today the internet history is easy to find and check.

But how big of a problem is Resume misconduct actually – every time a story hits the press statistics are mentioned – is it 10%, 25% or 50% of the Resumes which have errors, omissions, too much “hot air”, lies and/or nonexistent careers or educations?

Some of the biggest surveys on candidate Resumes for discrepancies have been done by The Risk Advisory Group (TRAG), whom annually reviewed over 3,000 candidate Resumes for discrepancies, said that candidates misled firms over everything from employment gaps to fraud committed against previous employers. Their survey shows:

  • 49% of Resumes submitted in 2006 contained false information; and
  • 65% of Resumes submitted in 2007 contained false information, a staggering rise of 16 per cent and very high numbers;

Women in their early 30s tell the most Resumes lies as 77% of the female Resumes contains some kind of untruth; and for Men – close to half of the Resumes for men in the early 20s have some misleading information;

Many of the resume discrepancies uncovered are simple errors or omission but around 10% are more serious!

Remember a misconducting candidate could have a legal responsibility when knowingly accepting a job offer under false pretenses and as soon as you begins to obtain money under false pretenses it may well be deemed as fraud or deception and in most cases it results in a termination of your employment and also remember this new “experience“ will be added to your public Resume and can be easily found by any future employer.

Therefore – just don’t do it!

At Comoto we are working on new free Resume / Curriculum Vitae features which we hope will make it easy (a matter of seconds) for any employer to see if your Resume is correct and accurate – and therefore should be evaluated – and awarded – accordingly!!

Job interview preparation – Good questions you could ask at the job interview

Job interview preparation – Good questions you could ask at the job interview

Job interview preparation

Any decent headhunter/recruiter would in a job interview situation at some time ask you if you have any questions. Probably it would be at the end of the interview.

If it has been a bad interview and you don’t like the position/don’t want the job, just say no and get out of there. But if you still like the position you should have prepared some questions beforehand if they has not been answered. Out of courtesy to the headhunter/recruiter’s time you should ask how much time they have for these questions. In this way you can ask the most important questions if the time is limited.

To prepare for this you should have done some thinking before you enter the interview but also throughout the meeting you should make some mental notes to prepare for this. If you have anything you would like to elaborate on or you want to have something clarified, now is the time to ask.

By asking you also show the company that you care and that you are interested in this job. You have the opportunity to interview the employer to assess whether this company and this specific position is a good fit for you.

Possible Interview Questions to Ask

  • What are the responsibilities of the position?
  • How would you typical week/day be in this position?
  • Is this a newly created position? If not, what did the previous employee go on to do?
  • Whom will I report to? and will I be offered a change to meet this person?
  • How many employees will there be in this department/office?
  • Do you have a relocation scheme in the company?
  • What about travel, how much will be expected? Is there a travel policy in the company?
  • What style of management is the company using?
  • What are the prospects for advancement in the company?
  • Is overtime expected, and is there a policy for that?
  • What is the “one” special thing that you like about working in this company?
  • Would you like to have a list of references?
  • If I am offered this position , when will I have to start (date)?
  • Do you have any question to my qualifications / Resume?
  • Will there be a interview number 2, or do you have a special procedure for hiring people? (2 job interview and a personal test) or?
  • Do you have any outstanding question you would like to have answered?
  • When can I expect to hear from you again?

Off course this is not a final list, depending on the situation and the chemistry at the job interview, you should be able to read the person you’re talking with and know which question to ask and which not to ask.

Are there any risks associated being listed in a Resume database – Resume Database risks?

Are there any risks associated being listed in a CV database – Resume Database risks?

Have you ever considered the Resume Database risks – if any – from having keyed in your information in a CV database?

At Comoto we put emphasis on privacy and makes it possible for you to decide how you want your privacy settings – and you can change your decision whenever you fell it is appropriate. Hereby we give you the full control of your Resume data, now and in the future. Have you ever considered what happens to your data on the numerous Resume databases you have used in the past?

  • The usual question is always – are the information updated – properly not.
  • Have you ever considers what impact old data can have on your current job – can you see your boss attitude “not happy here since you are looking for a new job!”
  • Considered how it can reduce your chances of getting a new job? Old and outdated data can also affect a recruiting process if the information you are presenting are different depending of the source. Would a recruiter contact you and ask a question to you or are you just taken out of the process

Therefore – make sure these old data are updated or removed – if you can delete it!

Some Resume databases makes it possible for you to maintain some kind of control – For example “We may disclose such information to third parties if you consent to such disclosure” but did you notice that you automatically gave consent when you had to accept standard terms to use the Resume database ? or “We may share your information with third parties who help us in the delivery of our own products and services to you”. I recommend you read the privacy comments on the database to make sure you fully understand the consequences.

My final recommendation to reduce your risk is to consider the purpose of each Resume database – how will the Resume Database use your data? There are many different business models in the Resume database jungle and many different ways to exploit your data. Therefore some sound judgment is recommended both when joining and on using these services. You might be better off using a relationship databases like LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo (which don’t have the risks as described) and a Resume manager tool like Comoto.

Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed

Why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed / searching for a new job?

If you have been so unfortunate to loose your job or leaving your current position you are facing the tedious job of both building or updating your Resume and adding that information to numerous Resume databases. But why does it have to be a fulltime job to be unemployed?

You will soon find out that this is very time-consuming and is both boring and frustrating as it is not in any way structured or standardized – and I postulate that either you lose your temper and get irritated but finalize the information or you might lose your overview of what you entered at what Resume database!

At Comoto we would love to help you making it easier and to stay in control of your Resume dialog thus creating your Curriculum Vitae (or CV – see the difference here) faster than you would have thought was possible:

  1. Sign up and create a profile here
  2. Use your LinkedIn profile to create your first draft Resume (it would take less than a minute – 32 seconds would be a qualified guess)
  3. Add information to your Resume (Remember – get evaluated on a full Resume instead of a relationsship profile) (Take a look at our Resume Tips here, if you need some help building your Resume)
  4. Choose one of our Resume templates (complete version) to create a word file and use that word file to cut and paste information to each Resume database to ensure the same information is in all Resume databases (Creating a PDF version is a matter of seconds – different designs add a few more seconds)
  5. Consider saving the Word file with an appropriate name (Resume Database name XX.XX.XX) if you have changed the usual information or have added information. You can upload that information to Comoto. A Similar approach is recommended when applying for a job, mailing a cover letter and an application (Please notice our unique multiple CV feature to target each Resume to the current job/position)
  6. Create a web profile from your Resume to be able to send a link when meeting somebody you think might be able to help you in your job searching process (Stay in control by having a password on your web profile – a web profiles is a copy of one of your multiple Resumes and can also be targeted to the actual position).

Best compilation of the 10 frequently used job interview questions

Best compilation of the 10 frequently used job interview questions

Job interview questions can be stressful – even for applicants who have had many interviews. The best way to reduce the stress is to be well prepared. The same creativity that HR people and recruiters ask from you is typically not shown at your first interview as the same questions are being used again and again.

Below you can find a compilation of the 10 frequently used job interview questions:

Why do you want to work for us?

Be sincere, show your engagement and drive, and show them that you know a lot about the company from your research of the company

What do you know about our organization?

Be prepared and have products / services, some facts and figures in your head for you to show them that you know the organization and is well prepared.

How are you as a person?

Be personal but not private. Don’t make a recitation of your Resume, they have read it.

What are you strong points?

Pick out 3 examples of your strong sides and prepare these, if you are in doubt ask the people closest to you, family, friends or your best colleagues.

What are your weak points?

Pick out some examples beforehand and show them that you are aware of these facts and working on them.

What has been you most significant accomplishment in your life so far?

Don’t use the cliché of the birth of your child, have some highlight in your career ready and explain why.

How much do you expect in salary?

Be careful to come up with you demands before the job description, working hours and other issues have been clarified and then also justify your expectations.

Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 or 10 years?

If the job requires it – It is important to show them that you want to evolve and grow with the job, so that they can see an idea in investing in you.

Why should we hire you?

Show them that you have will and passion and be direct in what you can add to the company.

Why are you leaving you current position?

Be honest but don’t talk negative about you your current employer. You want to develop – could be a good direction for an answer. Take the time to review the “standard” interview questions you will most likely be asked. Make your own research about the company and prepare your answers to these typical interview questions. Then your job interview should be less stressful and you are more certain to get a good result.

Is it ok to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo while employed

Is it OK to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo while employed

In the media and within the HR sector, there has been some resistance and fears about how to use LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo properly while employed the questions are many and different.

  • Is it OK to use LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo when i am employed?

  • What will my boss say if he finds out?

  • I have contact in Linkedin/Xing/Viadeo with a previous colleague that is know a competitor, is that a problem?

There have been a lot of questions about this issue and certain people have had a resistance in using LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo, but if you take it for what it is, a “relationship database”, I don’t see any problems in using them. It is all about networking today, even if you have a contact to a former colleague who is now hired at your competitor.

I think that these fears and the resistance arises from a misconception that LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo is a job hunting site and not a relationship database or networking tool. Certainly LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo is emerging as a very good resource for connecting candidates and headhunter, but that is not its primary role. You cant say that it is your CV you have at LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo, it is merely a profile so that people know what you can do and have done, but if you where to go job hunting you would have to make a dedicated and targeted CV instead.

With career management being an activity throughout your life, resources such as LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo and others are becoming a more important part of the strategy than ever. But how can you use these networks (either for professional networking or for job search) without it being seen as something negative from you current employer?

Most important is to develop the right mindset and be aware that building connections in these networking tools is the same thing as building up credibility in your profession and industry. If you are really networking it should be seen as a positive thing from your employers point of view. Today I think everybody is talking about networking and it is okay to do this, one way to network is to do it in these networking tools like Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo.

It should be a real professionel network and not only be friends and family, that is what Facebook is all about. And you should not have 50% recruiters/ headhunters in there, it should mainly be people who you can say are profesionells from the same proffesion or industry as you are in, or where you have previously been employed. In this case it is easy to say to an employer that this is part of your network and has a high value for the company as a contact manager and developer that is providing substantial added value.

So used in the riught way and used with the right mindset, these network like LinkedIn/Xing/Viadeo and others are valuable for you and your career

Get the job of your dreams

Get the job of your dreams

HR specialists and researchers says that a professional looking Resume with the right information about you, has a great impact on your chances to get the job of your dreams. The application is important, but it is the place where you catch the companies attention and make them interesting in reading what you have actually accomplished and what you have the education to do. These specific things should be available in your Resume. And nobody has ever lost a job opportunity by having a nice looking Resume.

The best thing you can do is to use Comoto Resume Manager to Create, Optimize, Manage and Share your Resumes because then you have better changes in getting the job of your dreams.

The Comoto Team

Comoto‘s aim is to become “The Central Place” where you can create, clone, copy, manage, backup and distribute your Resume and Cover letters fast and easy. To create your first Comoto Resume, signup for free and just add your data (or use one of the many easy import features), pick one of our special designed templates, preview your Resume and finally export to your favorite format (.DOC – .PDF – .PNG) or publish it in a Web Profile (Public/Private). Now you are ready to have full control of your Resume. Notice other unique features – like multiple Resumes – a few clicks and you can create a Resume targeted for a specific job.